• lord of the flings

    they're up there. where? in the church. no way. they wouldn't dare. it's true. i can smell 'em. get the ropes. we'll go in from above. not a problem. just keep me covered. remember, they don't have eyes. they see radio waves. well turn off your iphone the…

  • ground zero

    I don't want to be here. nobody wants to be here. they have to be here. why is that? god only knows. well, I'm not gonna ask him. I don't think you'd like his answer anyway.

  • village

    stanley? what is that man doing? what man, dear? see? in that window? stanley! that man isn't wearing pants! put the binoculars down, edna.

  • dilettante

    how we gonna get this guy? easy. you go up, I go down. we find him in the middle. yeah? then what? then we gently escort him to the car. we do? no, you idiot. you push him over the edge. job done. but there's people here! they're lookin' at the art. not a…

  • what's up there

    sidney, there's something up there. nonsense, ethel. it's just a bridge. I know I saw something sidney. hey, what was that noise? sidney! LOOK OUT! OH MY GOD!!!! WHAT IS THAT THING?! sidney! I want to go home! now! just as soon as I get loose from these t…

  • obey

    conform . consume. knowledge is evil. serve the state. obey.

  • the new world

    do you feel welcomed? no, should I? isn't that what the statue of liberty is all about? welcoming? not for guys like you and me, she ain't. probably not. being from jersey. she's not looking in that direction. not at all.

  • twin towers

    we're caught in its web! what web? whose? can't you see? we're trapped! did you take your meds today? uh, what makes you ask? just my intuition, that's all. what else does your intuition tell you? see those towers? my intuition is to stay away from them.…

  • long shadow

    there! see him? no, where? 27th floor, 2nd window to the left. hey, forget that guy. look at the 28th floor. oh man, you're right. forget him. who is she? I don't know, but I'm putting on a longer lens.

  • hide in plain sight

    master, I can't seem to signal the orbiting station. have you tried the roof? well I would, but these tentacles sort of stand out. yes, these humans are so extremity-impaired. still, I hate to advertise that fact. ok, back to the aquarium. it's for the be…

  • marooned on a strange planet

    scout team one calling base. I read you, scout team. what is it? we have a problem. we're stuck on this planet, and don't know how to get off. what do you mean? just beam up like usual. yeah, well, we'd love to, but we sort of lost our device. whaddya me…

  • rock candy

    who chose this place for the meeting? I did. why? I don't know. just something about it. creeps me out. yeah, now that you mention it. kinda bright in here. right. you don't think we, you know, stand out a little? I'd say so.

  • spy vs. spy

    do you have the stolen a-bomb secrets, Boris? I lost them, Natasha! some damned little squirrel pooped on my head! can you believe it? Mr. Big will be very unhappy, Boris. it's not my fault! what should I do? defect? and leave me here to face the central…

  • train to nowhere

    where are we going? this is the train to the liquification plant. the. . . what? we are to be emulsified into bug food. what the fuck are you talking about? I'm referring to our bug masters. are you nuts? what bug masters? those we must obey. hey! I want…

  • big night

    he's home. I see him. good. what's he doing? looks like he's eating. anyone with him? I'll say. she is a looker too. so now what? the plan stays the same. we take him out. ok. what about her? maybe she'll sit with us while we finish his dinner. I like th…

  • east river

    keep staring at it. you never know. maybe it'll move.

  • leisure class

    stanley! I thought I asked you to take out the garbage! yes edna. and do try and not step on my petunias, ok? yes dear, but I believe jeeves did that last week, dear. oh? that's not what he said. really. what else did the two of you talk about? I'm sure y…

  • bran castle

    so he's in there? for sure? it's still daylight, isn't it? he's in there. and we're gonna just go in there and get him? not us. you. I'll be out here, waiting. now hold on. you want me to go in there. all alone. you got it. and I'm supposed to get Vlad th…

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