klaatu barada nikto

where'd it come from, mister? I don't know. aren't you afraid? not me. I'm a scientist. I'm not afraid either. are you a scientist too? nope. I play a cowboy in this movie.


track your package

what time's the train? any minute now. will the package be on it? it better be. how will we recognize it? it will be tall, blond, with two big, beautiful. . . eyes? you got it. shouldn't be too hard to spot. that's what I'm thinking.


see that guy? what guy? that one. the one with the gun. no. what's he doing? he's making a very big mistake. what kind of mistake? he's got it pointed at my cousin, vinny. no shit? get down there and take care of him. take care of him how? so that he will never need taking care of again. know what I mean? that's pretty clear. I thought you'd understand.


Market Economy

like it? you can own it! really? wait a minute! not so fast! you once tried to sell me the brooklyn bridge! that? a slight misunderstanding. however, this one is priced unbelievably low. no way! you're a fraud! anyway, it's the wrong color. but a trifle! it was meant for you! you really think so? just sign here. you'll be very happy. well, if you're sure. I've never been more sure in my life. I'm thinking. . . red. or maybe cornflower blue. to match my eyes. what do you think? exquisite taste. do you have…


Over Under Sideways Down

hey buddy, I suggest you don't stand there. why not? you're right under the edge. yeah? so? so, something is about to hit the ground from up there. what? you should have said who. somebody's gonna fall off the overpass? not exactly fall. and he'll be a body, alright. geez. ok. I'm moving. tell me when it's over. you'll know. he'll be screaming all the way down.


it's a beautiful night, boss. it would be, if your cousin angelo did his job. whaddya mean? he didn't deliver the package. he didn't? which means I gotta find him, before our friends find me. whaddya want me to do? bring him to me. ok boss. once I get my hands on that rat angelo, then it'll be a beautiful night.

Dinner Party

stanley, we're almost out of scotch. I know, edna. these people are soaking up the liquor like it's going out of style. well, they're your friends, stanley. where'd you get that idea? I thought you knew them. me? I've never seen these people before in my life! so we've got a house full of booze hounds we totally don't know? great party, though, isn't it? it is. it really is.