Posted on 01/20/2013

Photo taken on January 19, 2013

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dark matter

dark matter
oh, hello lord. didn't expect to find you in here.
just cleaning out a few old relics, archangel.
things do tend to pile up, don't they. what is that?
something I played around with a while ago. I was going to unleash it on earthlings, actually, for failing miserably to make good use of the gifts I've given them.
it's kind of fierce looking. what would it have done?
well, quite simply, it would have rained death, destruction and chaos on earth, I should think.
did you change your mind?
well, for awhile there I had hoped humans would evolve into a higher species. worthy of my efforts on their behalf.
a higher species? you don't mean. . .
yes. hippies. my best work. it looked like things were improving.
too bad they didn't last.
indeed. so, I've taken a new interest in this. . . fascinating creature. I think I'll let it loose on humans after all.
and then what, lord?
well, to put it mildly, then the proverbial shit will hit the proverbial fan.
sounds like that might be fun.
between us celestial beings, archangel. . .
having fun is what it's all about.

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we can get.
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