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ID anyone?

12 May 2022 4 11
Unable to find this in my reference books.


02 Apr 2022 5 6 22
HFF everyone. Perhaps there were 17 but I can only see 6!! Plus the corner of another one bottom left.


28 Apr 2022 2 1 17
......a daylight explosion of colour.

Raindrop Diamonds

28 Apr 2022 1 1 12
Dressed to impress!

Clematis - also with jewels!

28 Apr 2022 1 1 13
It has been raining in England but it does not bother the flowers. Unless the sun shines afterwards which turns the drops into lense and burns the petals leaving brown spots.

HHF everyone

12 May 2022 4 3 26
Nature will always win - thankfully.

Not ready to fly yet

04 May 2022 1 14
It has been a good year for Dandelions. Fields full of them - a little bit of wind and the air is full of 'fairies' - as my grandmother used to call them.

2 ways to fly

04 May 2022 2 2 12
One can choose the other has to wait for the wind.

Wonderfully engineered by nature

04 May 2022 2 4 11
Dandelions fascinate me - wonderfully engineered.


05 May 2022 6 5 22
Patched - but still doing the job! HFF everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

A Spring Walk

16 Apr 2022 4 2 28
This is one of my many favourite walks. So far Spring has been lovely in the north east of England. The weather has been kind after all the awful gales we had in the winter and the trees have put on their leaves without damage.

HFF everyone

19 Mar 2022 4 5 37
The fence is ok but the tree is a mess - it is still growing though. The upper fence guards a railway line.

Fenced for eternity

14 Apr 2022 7 11 65
Only the wealthy could afford this type of fence and monument. There are several like this (one on the right side of the church tower) just visible. HFF

HFF everyone

02 Apr 2022 5 6 54
Dredging the River Tyne, North East England.

HFF everyone

19 Mar 2022 9 6 34
One of my favourite walks. It has lovely trees like this cherry and also some good fences.

Spring 1

19 Mar 2022 5 1 28
The trees around a local golf course. The leaves are beginning to open and look lovely in the late afternoon Spring light. The shadows enhaced the scene. We dont usually have access to this area as it is members only. Nobody about - so we had it all to ourselves (a bit naughty!) The following photos are from the same place.

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