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18 Apr 2021 5 7 18
.........a lovely day at the harbour. HFF everyone

Spring Buds

15 Apr 2021 6 1 23
A few more days sun and they will open. I always love the hairy ones - it seems as if they are still wearing their winter clothes!!

First flowers for first bees

05 Apr 2021 2 1 13
Both are lovely and hairy.

Opening time

15 Apr 2021 1 13
Even though it has been cold and frosty the daytime has been sunny. The buds are starting to burst open. This red will soon change to green.


15 Apr 2021 11
This is what the previous photo will look like in a day or so. I love the way they seem to be hairy.

Lush & New

15 Apr 2021 1 10
Not been nibbled yet - the first caterpillars have not found them.

Red - wrinkled - glossy

15 Apr 2021 10
Spring is so shiney and new.

A hint of a fence under this one.....

15 Apr 2021 10
.......turning to green but still luscious.

Crocus in the sun

27 Feb 2021 10
They have been especially good this year.

Looking Up

13 Mar 2021 8 6 34
HFF everyone - hope you are all keeping well and safe. A relatively new fence compared to the wall it sits on. I must research the building of this wall - it is massive and may have been built at the start of the shipbuilding industry on the banks of the River Tyne, Newcastle, NE England.

Trying to escape!

13 Mar 2021 13 16 37
HFF everyone - hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Lovely and hairy

21 Mar 2021 10 6 29
Not yet fully open. They have been magnificent this year - see next photos.

Fully open Pussy Willow

21 Mar 2021 5 2 19
When seen from a distance these appear as one huge fluffy pale green tree.

Pussy Willow from below

21 Mar 2021 4 2 11
The sunlight through these catkins made the tree appear as a large fluffy pale green bush. They have had an amazing impact of the parks and walkways this Spring.

HFF everyone

21 Mar 2021 11 13 46
In a blue mood. Very industrial - do not know what it makes. Have a great Easter everyone - keep safe and well.

View south over the River Tyne......

25 Mar 2021 11 13 39
........view of the south side River Tyne, Gateshead. Ship repair and building was once a huge industry here. Very little remains today except the derelict docks and ships occasionally being refitted further downstream (left). HFF everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

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