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  • Deep Blue Goodbye

    Trying out some new brushes here.

  • Havdalah

    I want to turn every plate setting into a 10th-rate Magritte, but I usually resist the urge. :D

  • Double Cross

    I'm foolishly in love with the tiny embossed doll-head stamps. :) Original size: 1000 X 750 pixels.

  • I'm Never Sure

    Like every collage maven, I'm fond of Joseph Cornell's work. I've done a whole series of "wood-framed" pieces because of him. But I think this is my first one to exist only on computer. Original size: 2938 x 2946 pixels. One of several sources can be s…

  • Sunken Leisure

    The Conte and Photocopy filters made most of the "fog" here, (with some help from the Exclusion blending option, I think). I love it. Original size: 930 X 1662 pixels. One of the sources is here.

  • Drop Down Mama

    The flying gelatin saucer-crown is landing! :D Original size: 675 X 771 pixels. One of several sources can be seen here.

  • Brainiac's Mama

    The Legion fans understand. ;) Original size: 650 X 748 pixels. That blobby pattern was made from tiling two trays on view here.

  • Zoom

    "Z" is for zero gravity. ;) 1230 X 1845 pixels. Main source is the same as "Angel Pie."

  • Dahlia Double

    "Please remember to sign our guestbook." :D Original size: 2640 X 1350 pixels. Main source is here.

  • Angel Pie

    Still playing with Paint filters and the Emboss function. Original size: 750 X 500 pixels. You can see its main source here.

  • Adventure

    I observed the proportions of a "double-wide" ATC, though I got to work a lot bigger than I would with the real thing. (1500 X 1050 Pixels.) One of several original sources here.

  • Six And Four

    Yeah, I got carried away with the filters here. Deal with it. :p Original size: 900 X 900 pixels. Several sources, including this one.

  • Preston

    Named after musician Billy Preston (1946-2006), not the ill-fated suitor from the Murder, She Wrote pilot. I just thought you should know. :) Original size: 1845 X 1230 pixels. Multiple sources, including here.

  • Little Dane 2

    The eggs make it seasonal. :D Original size: 800 X 800 pixels.

  • Little Dane

    Original size: 550 X 550 pixels. Original source: here.

  • Little Banana

    I think it's the Multiply filter which gave the "canvas" that burnished gold (or brass) look. Images grabbed from several sources, including this one. Original size: 957 X 876 pixels.

  • Southern Puff

    A toy robot and my attempt at a stormy March sky in my city of residence. :) All-Photoshop. Original size: 1200 X 1200 pixels.

  • Southern Shrimp

    A few layers, plus help from Rough Pastels and blending filters in Photoshop. Original size: 1000 X 1000 pixels.

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