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Notre-Dame et Saint-Junien
Lord of Lusignan
Bertrand Du Guesclin

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Lusignan - Notre-Dame et Saint-Junien

Lusignan - Notre-Dame et Saint-Junien
Hugh IV, Lord of Lusignan, founded this church opposite his castle in 1024. Legends tell, that the castle was built by Mélusine, a legendary water nymph, for her noble husband. I had met her already in Pathenay.

The church was completed in the early 12th century, but underwent a number of alterations over the century. The

In 1373, during the 100 Years´ War English troops seized Lusignan, during the siege and the reconquest, led by Bertrand Du Guesclin, the tower - and the vaults collapsed. Already four years later, the damages were repaired.

The most interesting work of art (for me) in Lusignan is the nothern portal, seen here. It once opened to a small priory, dependent of the Benedictian Abbey Saint-Junien in Nouaillé-Maupertuis (30kms west), that existed already in Carolingian times. The 23 carved stones around the 12 c. portal depict a medieval bestiary.

A close-up of the elephant, just seen with its neighbours. Most medieval elephants are carved in pairs, posing head to head. This one is portrayed in profile. It is hard to recognize, but the elephant is "dressed" like all elephants I saw so far in the Poitou.

striata has particularly liked this photo

Ah, I should have suspected you got a closeup of the little guy. It's really nice to have proof it has not written "Mampe" all over the side, as this would revise the date -- LOL
4 years ago.
Martin M. Miles - on the road again
Martin M. Miles - on…
This elephant is really well proportioned, it doesn't even have a "Wampe" ;-)=
4 years ago.
Mampe is or was a company selling a liquer somewhere up north. They used to tie a tiny off-white plastic elephant to the bottles neck, that had the name of the company written on it. When I was a tiny toot, my mom had to disolve the household of her belated mother in Berlin, and there was a little box, all filled up with the elephants from bottles past. This was what I inheritted at once, as there was not a lot to play with in the flat otherwise. I am not sure how local this Mampe is or when they went out of business, anyway I never saw it sold here or anywhere I was as an adult. But I should still havea few of the little elephants with the writing on the side somewhere.
Now your little elephant here, it looks almost a bit like there was something in a cursive font across the two belts, or it is just my mind that expects it on a smal elefant. :)
4 years ago.
Martin M. Miles - on the road again
Martin M. Miles - on…
I do remember "Mampe" -and the elephant - - and just saw, they are still around and produce "Halb und Halb", there is a (little nousy) website:

The elephant is probably a collector´s item meanwhile, see here

When I wrote about the Wampe, I just turned the M around and got a W .

I just found an old cigar box, filled with memories from my childhood. I did not own a white "Mampe Elephant", but a black "Zeller Schwarze Katz".
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.