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1917 - Indy 500 Tribute Car: The Golden Submarine

The Golden Submarine was an early twentieth century streamlined race car designed and built in 1917 by Fred Offenhauser and Harry A. Miller for Barney Oldfield. AutoWeek said that the vehicle brought Miller "nationwide prominence as a race-car builder" High Bid of $ 18,000 Four-cylinder engine Twin carburetors Built by Charles Glick Concealed headlights Bucket-style seats Chrome wire wheels Polished aluminum radiator shell Moto-meter Leather hood straps Single center exhaust Racing great Barney Oldfield commissioned the construction of the original Golden Submarine by engineer extraordinaire, Harry Miller in 1917. With the late-1990s, Charles Glick became involved with building cars for the Great Race. As luck would have it, he met Dale Bell, a Great Race competitor, who later commissioned Mr. Glick to build this Golden Submarine replica. It incorporates an inline four-cylinder engine with twin carburetors. Glick made modifications such as concealed headlights and turn signals and added cockpit insulation. There is a single door on the right side of the car, offset bucket-style seating for two, the famous golden finish, along with chrome wire wheels, polished aluminum radiator shell, moto-meter, leather hood straps, knock-off hubs and wire mesh in the majority of windows.

North Manchester Motor Coaches JNC 626

North Manchester Motor Coaches JNC 626, a Trans-United bodied Bedford OB, which was in the fleet from 1948 to 1956. (Photographer unknown)

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North Manchester Motor Coaches Limited HVM 990 and GVM 233

North Manchester Motor Coaches Limited HVM 990 and GVM 233 seen on a damp day in Albert Square, Manchester. HVM 990 was a Trans-United bodied Leyland PS1 in the fleet from 1947 to 1957. GVM 233 was a Burlingham bodied Leyland TS4 in the fleet from approx 1946 to 1956. (Photographer unknown)

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By Paul Hilton

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1953 Bristol coach of Royal Blue.

Bristol LS6G with Eastern Coach Works body was new with Royal Blue in Sept 1953 and withdrawn from service in 1970.

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By Latour

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By Marco F. Delminho

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DE - Linz am Rhein - Häuser am Buttermarkt

By Uli Bruger

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By Walfisch

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Rinteln, Marktplatz

By Deborah Lundbech

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Handbag, Fancy Dress, and Shiny Car

Where was she going? Uploaded for the Vintage Photos Theme Park theme of: HANDBAGS Found photo. I like the little detail of the young woman riding her bike in the background.
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