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Making Waves

09 Sep 2020 14 10 47
Making Waves If you haven't watched this please do, like it, add the link to one of your photos and encourage others to watch and like it. YOUR ipernity needs to increase the ratings

The opening

18 Sep 2020 5 6 24
It was moved to it's present position as it was considered to be vulnerable to attacks by motorists !!

Refreshment HFF

26 Aug 2020 21 23 48
Refreshment, the inscription reads 'Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association' and there is an address in London founded in 1859 it still exists as the 'Drinking Fountain Association' with the move away from plastic bottles it is becoming more relevant The fence is in front of the Village Hall previously the school

It's All Over Now

14 Sep 2020 10 9 44
It's All Over Now

Keep on the Sunny Side of Life HFF

03 Sep 2020 22 28 61
Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

On Golden Pond

09 Sep 2020 24 14 90
On Golden Pond Carl Zeiss Jenna 135mm f3.5 on an Olympus micro four thirds, the first time I had used the lens

End of the Day

07 Sep 2020 14 7 53
End of the Day As it was a nice sunrise I had the idea of capturing both unfortunately nature didn't co-operate it's been a thick cloud cover all day I was lucky to get this. They are both out of camera other than removing lamp posts


Skyline HFF

26 Aug 2020 28 25 86
Skyline, there used to be another one but unfortunately it fell a few years ago

Evening Ablutions

26 Aug 2020 18 16 77
Evening Ablutions

Silver and Gold HFF

26 Aug 2020 37 32 139
Silver and Gold This is the water depicted on the village sign last week It may be worth trying it large

Dreams of Stardom

24 Aug 2020 31 18 139
Dreams of Stardom Taken with a Helios 44-2 58mm on Olympus micro 4/3

Hey Diddle Diddle

22 Aug 2020 20 16 103
Hey Diddle Diddle

Showing it's age HFF

13 Aug 2020 27 29 84
Showing it's age, for friends who speak English it's pronounced Grooby the spelling was altered in the dim and distant past

Golden Rod


What big eyes you have

15 Aug 2020 15 16 70
What big eyes you have. Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar

Cheap and Nasty HFF

13 Aug 2020 25 26 86
Cheap and Nasty

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