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Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 14th October 2018

On a grey rainy day Southern Bulleid West Country Light pacific 34092 City of Wells adds to the grey with a volcanic exit from Loughborough station.

Great Central Railway Birstall Leicestershire 4th October 2018

With the fixed Distant signal indicating permanent caution Southern Bulleid West Country pacific 34092 City of Wells drops down towards the Birstall foot crossing en route to Leicester North on its first trip on the first day of the Autumn Gala.

Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 23rd September 2018

What a splendid sight to be greeted with at 06.00 on a Sunday morning! GWR Modified Hall 4-6-0 6990 Witherslack is being prepped on road 1 pit while alongside on the middle road is BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 92214 out of steam & hooked up to Peak diesel D123. Waiting for our attention in the yard behind the Hall is Standard 5 4-6-0 73156.

Firth of Forth Fife Scotland 5th September 2018

It is about 9 miles from my position on the sea front east of Burntisland in Fife to the various Forth Bridges. The closest & most famous of the three is the railway cantilever bridge opened in 1890 by a consortium made up of the North British, the North Eastern, the Great Northern & the Midland Railways. Beyond that is the 1964 suspension Forth Road Bridge - now used by buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians only. Dominating both of these is the new M90 cable-stayed road bridge known as the Queensferry…

Kishorn Highlands Scotland 9th September 2018

The views from the road over the mountains to Applecross are tremendous. This scene is looking over Loch Kishorn to Plockton with the mountains of southern Skye on the skyline. I believe the peak in the centre is Skurr Na Coinnish.

Fort William Scotland 11th September 2018

On the West Highland line & the 10.15 Jacobite crosses the River Lochy as it departs Fort William for Mallaig, headed by LNER/NELPG locomotive K1 2-6-0 62005, the foothills of Ben Nevis in the background. I arrived early at the location in full sunlight but of course that didn't last long and I stood for 20 minutes in the driving rain. Fortunately it relented shortly before the train turned up, result happiness.

Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 13th September 2017

The train is in the platform, the rays are slanting through the loco's smoke & the Starter is pulled off but I still have time to get on board. This was the day of the inaugural run of British Railways Standard 5 4-6-0 73156 and as a shareholder my seat was booked.

Great Central Railway Loughborough Leicestershire 18th August 2018

The art of Technology. The right hand piston gland of Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48624 had been blowing all day so by the time we came on shed at Loughborough the mixture of oil and condensed steam had created a pretty sticky coating over the leading wheel and motion.

Great Central Railway Quorn Leicestershire 8th August 2018

As a shareholder in British Railways Standard 5 4-6-0 73156 I was very pleased to be rostered as fireman on her today. Then I was even more pleased when Fred let me drive on the return trip from Leicester. Here we are heading away from Quorn & Woodhouse.
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