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Too Hungry for His Own Good!

01 Jan 1980 4 2 21
A nice Largemouth Bass of about 14 inches I caught in a small pond at the Sunny Hill Resort and Golf Course. This great family resort is in the northern range of the Catskill Mountains in Greenville, Greene County, New York. I've been vacationing there since I was one year old, but back then my dad did the driving! The resort's main fishing and boating lake is 11 acre Lake Loree, which also supports Yellow Perch, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Black Crappie and Catfish. I can't wait to return there in May and June this year! The small lure in the photo is a yellow Rebel "Crickhopper." The fish was released right after this photo was taken.

A Red, Red Rose by My Beloved Joni

01 Jan 1980 8 12 32
A lovely red rose, shot by my beloved late wife Joni. How she loved to shoot flowers, including roses! She was so good with a camera. Hope you like it.

Late Morning Sky

01 Jan 1980 12 14 111
A late morning sky shot looking more or less south from my living room window in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. I hope that all of my ipernity friends are safe and well in these aweful times.

"The Final Touch"

01 Jan 1980 5 12 97
A youngster finishes the family's Christmas Tree with a golden star of Love and Hope, while being supervised by the real bosses of the house! I wish for all of us around the world all the best for a New Year of Safety, Good Health and Abundant Happiness!!! Be well!! John

'Bushels of Fun' 300 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle Art by John…

White Rose on Black

01 Jan 1980 5 3 59
A beautiful white rose. Not sure of the shooting details. Have a Blessed New Year One and All!! John

Autumn Leaves on Black

01 Jan 1980 16 16 95
Oak and Maple (or Sycamore? leaves from the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I shot them on white paper, and when I switch the backgrounds to black in Photoshop Elements 13, it turned the leaf tip shadows white. SO NEAT, but I can't take credit for planning it. Let me know if you think it works!

Sunrise With Contrails

01 Jan 1980 11 4 41
Another sunrise from my apartment window, this time with a couple of jet contrails. When I see these. I always wonder where that plane came from and where was it heading to.

"Astronomer" John's Pixilated Planet Nov 17, 2020

01 Jan 1980 7 9 84
I believe this may be Mars (?), observed out my window in the southern sky and shot around 6AM with my little Canon A590is P&S camera. With all the magnification and pixelization, it looks more like the Coronavirus! But I thought the end result was still kind of "artsy" and neat. I hope you agree!

Another Brooklyn Sunrise

01 Jan 1980 14 26 130
I'm becoming addicted to enjoying and photographing the beautiful sunrises I see from my apartment in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Lake Loree Around the Bend

01 Jan 1980 7 12 87
A view of the back side of the horseshoe shaped 11 acre Lake Loree at Sunny Hill Resort in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

"Country Barn Dance"

01 Jan 1980 8 14 48
The completed 300 piece jigsaw puzzle "Country Barn Dance," art by Ken Zylla and manufactured by Sunsout. I so wish I owned one of those old cars!!

"Sunset Panorama"

01 Jan 1980 11 14 98
A lovely Sheepshead Bay sunset, shot from my Brooklyn apartment window. I hope you like it and that you are all having a great autumn season! May you all have many beautiful sunsets and love all around!! John

"Bay Ridge Autumn"

01 Jan 1980 21 20 60
A mix of autumn leaves, picked up from the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York City, on Shore Road near the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Please Look and Listen to "Autumn Leaves" www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmaAdQfmT-0

"Me and My Shadow"

01 Jan 1980 19 18 101
Another interesting Fall leaf found on my block in Brooklyn today. I really like the fine teeth on the leaf margin. The shadow also worked well I think. I shot it on a sheet of copy paper on my living room floor. It is really sunny and warm here today. May you all have a great week ahead!!

Lake Loree Leaves (Explored)

01 Jan 1980 20 18 81
Explored - Autumn leaves on a rock background found at Lake Loree at Sunny Hill Resort and Golf Course in Greenville in New York's Catskill Mountains.

November Sunrise and the Planet Venus"

01 Jan 1980 14 25 86
A beautiful sunrise looking south from my Brooklyn apartment in Sheepshead Bay, enhanced further in Photoshop Elements 13. The planet is Venus. Here's what Rock & Roll singer Jimmy Clanton sang about "Venus" in 1962. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knq_BY6xpbQ

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