Posted on 06/18/2015

Photo taken on June 12, 2015

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Citroën Citroën

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Big Citroën

Big Citroën
At the other end of the scale, this Citroën "Rosalie", otherwise more properly known as the 15CV Grand-Luxe, is quite an imposing vehicle. I don't know the exact age of this car, but I have an advertisement from "l'Illustration" magazine of 1933 announcing an identical car, and I imagine they were built for at least a couple of years after that.

They were built in different body sizes and styles, a five seat Berline, and a seven seat Familiale, as well as an open tourer, and the price of the Berline was 35,500FFr ($1,793). and the Familiale 38,500FFr ($1,945), so a bit more than say, a Dodge Eight, or a Hudson Terraplane of the same year.

I had to crop this photo drastically, - It's almost impossible to avoid lots of clutter and onlookers, so apologies for the low quality!

Olympus AF10, f3.5/35mm lens. Polypan F in Thornton's Two Bath, 5+5mins @21C Scanned @2400dpi on Epson V500

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Great picture & car ...
That Olympus, does it have a shiny pressure plate ?? I wonder when using some backing paper from a 120 film behind it would lower those glitters ... ?
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to RobbeK
Hi Rob, many thanks! No, it has a matt black pressure plate - the problem is that there is no way to fit a lens hood !! :-((

I've used this camera a few times, and never been very happy with it, but I thought I'd give it a whirl again, and although the little triplet is very sharp, and it's in a deliciously tiny package, as a point' n' shoot, I much prefer the Nikon L35AF, which has a Sonnar type lens, and proper threads for a filter and hood, and isn't that much bigger.

The other thing is sunshine (!) Much as I love it, it's always hard to take pics of shiny objects in bright sun. Compare with this pic, taken last year in almost the same place, but on an overcast day!
Citroën DS Convertible
(Nikon FM2/Tamron 28mm)

Best, Mike
2 years ago.
RobbeK has replied to Mikeinlagardette
Seems the FM2/Tamron being in a different league !
Maybe (very) , developers working less in depth than the 2B (like Rodinal and Caffenol) temper this effect -- I 'm reasonably convinced haloing grows in depth ( i mean the 2B uses the complete emulsion) , just an idea ....
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to RobbeK
Yes, the 28mm Tamron, on any camera you have an adapter for, is a fantastic lens and with 50 ISO film and careful processing, could make MF redundant! (only joking!).

Now, that's an interesting thought about the difference in developer activity between 2B's and say, Caffenol, I'd never really considered it, but certainly Polypan F has no anti halation coating because afair, it was made for copying 35mm cine film, which is done by high speed contact printing, so needs no A-H coating. Be interesting to compare with a traditional film like Pan F or TriX!
grtz, Mike
2 years ago.
Mir gefällt die Aufnahme sehr gut!
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to tiltdesign2011
Ralf, vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmunterung!
2 years ago.
Robert Warren
Robert Warren
A very nice series on old automobiles. Vous êtes un expert sur les autos françaises Monsieur Over.
2 years ago.
Mikeinlagardette has replied to Robert Warren
Hi Robert, thanks for the encoragement!
Not really an expert, but I have always been a bit of a motorhead !! Also, I am old enough to remember a lot of makes that have disappeared in France - Delahaye, Delage, Hotchkiss, BNC, De Dion-Bouton, and that's just the beginning !! The same for the UK, sadly !
2 years ago.