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Half- Timbered Cottages

These 1/76th scale buildings were made to try out various construction techniques and materials. The design came from a series called "Making a Model Village" which can be freely downloaded, but I altered some of the details to suit my tastes. With the exception of the roofs, which are a commercial moulding, they are made entirely from card and paper, and represent a style of building common in England in the 17th century. In fact, I did not use them on the model railway, and they are incomplete - no…

Newton Tobacco Company (1943) Ltd

Another view of part of my 1/76 scale model railway, this building is actually a scenic cover for a three track traverser, which allows short rakes of wagons to be stored in hidden sidings beneath the roadways. Scratch-built from a mixture of cardboard and MDF, it is covered with brick papers downloaded from the internet. It's not quite finished, and although this isn't high quality architectural modelling, hopefully it serves to convey some of the grimness of post-war industrial Britain! Sony Alpha A100…

Zone Industrielle

Waiting to be moved to the paintshop, this ex-Great Western Railway goods wagon has been given new bogies, buffers, and corridor connections, and now looks something like the original vehicle, or it will, when it has been painted! Seen in the goods yard of the imaginary English town of Newton Saint Aldwyn, my 1/76th scale model railway which I am slowly converting to radio control operation. I will probably never finish it, but it's fun trying to adapt new technology - keeps the "little grey cells" from d…

Rose Trémière

In English it is called hollyhock but it's Latin name is Althea rosea. They grow profusely in the roadsides and gardens around our hamlet, - although they are not native to Europe, they were introduced from China in the 15th century. Canon Ixus 960is. Photofinished in Picasa

A Winter Past

Taken near our home, some years ago, using a Mamiya 4B rangefinder camera. This was taken on 200ASA colour negative film, and developed as a black and white negative in Diafine. The deep brown dye layer of colour films makes them difficult to scan, but the results are often interesting. Mamiya 4B, f2.8/45mm Kominar lens. Fujicolor 200 in Diafine 5+5mins @21C. Scanned @2400dpi on Epson V500

Quince flower

The flowers of the Quince tree (Cydonia oblonga) are very short lived, but very pretty for a few days! We have one in our garden which produces a lot of fruit, but apart from making a conserve, there isn't much you can do with it ! I think in Alsace it is distilled to make a "liqueur de coing", and I have heard of quince cheese in Spain, but I've tried neither ! Sony A100, Minolta 35-70mm lens, plus x1 dioptre close-up lens. Photofinished in Picasa

Spes saltu aeterna

Hope springs eternal ! Sony Alpha A100, Minolta 35-70mm zoom lens, x1 dioptre close up lens. Photofinished in Gimp


We have a number of Oak and Chestnut trees in our garden, and for most of the summer they cast a deep shade, so the plants I have planted beneath them have been chosen for that environment. But, just for a few weeks in spring, before the trees come into full leaf, we can see them in a brighter light! They are plants grown not for their flowers, which are mostly insignificant, but for their foliage, mainly Heucheras and Hostas, but also some woodland Geraniums and a species of Euphorbia which thrives in s…

Station Light

Similar treatment to the previous photo, this is a "Windsor" pattern gas light made by William Sugg & Co, London. This one has been converted to electricity, but the iconic design was once common throughout the UK until the latter part of the 20th century. Canon Ixus 960is. Photofinished in Silver Efex Pro
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