• Fenris

    The littlest werewolf

  • Fenris, the littlest werewolf

    Borrowed some clothes from Algol until I have time to make something just for him.

  • Thuban and Fenris

  • A stalking werewolf

  • Fenris

    The littlest werewolf is stalking an unsuspecting caveman

  • Fenris, the littlest werewolf

    Fenris: "Rawwwr!"

  • Fenris doing a hand stand

    The new lati body comes with a pair of flat hands bent at the wrist so that the little ones can do a hand stand! This is not a trick, Fenris can really do that and it was not even very hard.

  • Break dancing

    When I saw the one hand stand on Lati site, I never believed it would be possible in real life, but it is! Fenris likes to break dance!

  • Fenris

    Fenris showing some unarmet combat moves

  • Fenris

    Fenris: "No more photographs, please!"

  • Fenris

    The littlest werewolf on all fours

  • Fenris and Rastaban

    Rastaban: "Is that supposed to be a wolf suit or are you a wolf in sheep's clothing?" Fenris: "Be quiet or I'll bite!" Rastaban: "I'll bite back!" What will happen if a werewolf bites a vampire and a vampire bites back?

  • Friends again

    Fenris and Rastaban decided not to bite each other after all...

  • Fenris

    New read sweater and gray pants for Christmas

  • 'Twas the night before Christmas...

    Aniara reading to all little Lati Yellows.

  • Boys and action figures

    Rastaban, the littlest vampire, and Fenris, the littlest werewolf, are playing with their action figures. Can Dracula and his bat beat a zombie wielding a spade and a mummy wielding a scorpion?

  • Acrobats

    Fenris and Pup are showing some acrobatics. No tricks (no blu tack, magnets, photoshopping or whatever), they can really do this!

  • Werewolves

    Fenris, my littlest werewolf, has been asking me to get him a Lego Werewolf action figure. As the bump codes turned out to be pretty much unreadable, Fenris got not only one werewolf but three. He is very pleased with his wolf pack!

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