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  • Forgotten toys

    Ymir, Brimir and Eggie are playing with robots, spacemen and aliens. Old tin soldiers are all forgotten.

  • Thule

    I finally blushed my hippogriff.

  • Surprise!

    Domes Bond: "See the ultimate magic trick: Domo in a box!" Candy: "BOOO!"

  • Charlatans

    Niks: "Buy the best snake oil in town! Will cure any disease and grow hair even on a billiard ball! Only one button per portion!" Naks: "Buy the best love potion in town! Will make everybody fall in love with you! Only one button per bottle!" Candy: "Do…

  • The Pied Piper

    The Pied Piper of Hamelin lured away rats and children with his pipe. Papageno has managed to lure a flock of Angry Birds and an Owl Messenger.

  • Eggie's baby

    Eggie's baby is yellow, of course.

  • Late

    White Rabbit: "Oh dear! Oh dear! I'm late!" Alice: "Better late than never."

  • Beat

    Beat the drums!

  • Hiding

    Wage has placed guards at the cookie box. The Domos are trying to sneak past the guards by hiding inside the Trojan Domo.

  • Poison?

    Candy: "Gee, there is a poison sign on the cookie box!" Sunny: "Oh noooo!" Bones: "The sign just means that the cookies are meant for pirate Domos. Push me a little higher, I can almost reach them!" Wage thought he had invented a way of keeping Domos o…

  • Dark Ages

    Emmet: "Oh no! Where are we?" Dr. Who: "We have arrived at the dark Middle Ages." Benny: "Scary!"

  • Hippie style

  • Hunting

    Baron von Munchy is hunting wild Domozillas (don't worry, he has only got a tranquilizer gun).

  • Humpty Dumpty sits on the wall...

    ... And if he falls, all the King's horses and all the King's Domos can't put him together again.

  • Aniara

    I made one more summer dress for Aniara.

  • Toys

    Earlier children's toys were made of wood or other natural materials like Ymir's rocking horse. Nowadays they are made of plastic like Eggie's toys.

  • Patterned dress for Aniara

  • Aniara in orange

    I made another dress for Aniara. She definitely looks healthier in bright warm colors.

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