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  • Saturday night fever

  • Gingerbread

    Gretel: "Look, Hansel! We found a gingerbread house! But it is a tiny one... Do you think we could taste just a teensy-weensy bit?" Hansel: "I don't think the tiny witch would like it..."

  • Beasts

    Tarzan loves all wild beasts - even a giant Domo.

  • Gingerbread Benny

    From Lati's 2014 Christmas release

  • Tarzan's new clothes

    As we are not living in an African jungle, Tarzan needed some warmer clothes for the wintertime.

  • Training rats

    Jippo heard of the Pied Piper of Hamelin and is trying to use a birch bark horn to persuade the rats to jump through the hoop. The rats do not seem to be interested, though...

  • Charging

    Borgy needs to be regularly recharged.

  • Knee surgery

    The knees of the SP sized Lati Yellows have never held a straight position very well, and it has only got worse with time. Sueding has helped some, but not totally solved the problem. I finally decided to do them some knee surgery. I drilled two tiny hol…

  • Restrung!

    I've had Pilvi since 2007, and by now her stringing had got too loose so it was getting hard to make her stand or hold other positions well. I did her knee surgery to stabilize her knees, but that was not enough, so I restrung her completely. Now she ca…

  • Holiday

    Domes Bond: "What is this? According to my map there should be a beach and a holiday hotel right here!" Pongo: "I thought this was supposed to be a bird watching holiday - and sleeping in a tent." Domes Bond: "I meant watching pretty ladies in swimsuits…

  • Papageno's parrot

    It's a tiny one!

  • Ice cream bats?

    Pup: How can you guys eat ice cream in November? Isn't it way too cold? Rastaban: "This week's theme is Dairy. And ice cream is the best dairy product you can get." Pup: "The theme is Diary, not Dairy! You two are completely batty!" Icy: "Why, thank yo…

  • Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

    I think you'd better beware of these guys...

  • Rumpelteazer

    Withdoll Jax

  • Knitting lesson

    The girls are learning to knit pot holders.

  • Friends

    If your wings are short it's good to be friends with a hippogriff who can give you a ride.

  • King Kong?

    Naks: "Come and see the mighty King Kong! Fee only one button per head!" Niks: "Don't worry! It's perfectly safe! He's in chains!" Candy: "I must get a photo of King Kong! I'll definitely win the Pulizer prize for this!"

  • Pongo

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