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  • A new cardigan

    Pipsa: "My new cardigan will be perfect in the future when the weather gets cold. I'm even getting a hat to go with it!"

  • Pipsa and Moomintroll

    Moomintroll has moved to Duck Park!

  • Sunny and the giant moomintroll

  • Luxury

    Luxury is having sparkly Domos serving you.

  • John Doe?

    Ygg: "Is that John Doe?" Ruska: "No, he's Richard Roe."

  • A hot day

    On a hot day it is nice to go to the lake to feel the cool breeze.

  • Beware of Domos carrying thunderbolts...

  • Bunny dress

    Just a simple A-line dress. As Pipsa is a different size than any of my other dolls, I'm drafting clothes patterns for her, starting from simple basic patterns.

  • Flower child

    Pipsa has a new summer dress

  • Pipsa

    My Littlefee now has a name: Pipsa. She has some new summer clothes, too.

  • "Itsy bitsy spider..."

  • Sizes

    I had thought that the Littlefees would be about the same size as a Cutie Delf and a Volks YO-SD, but the Littlefee is clearly smaller.

  • Summer dress

    I crocheted Piki a quick little summer dress so that she would not need to wear borrowed clothes.

  • Hansel

    "Where's the gingerbread house?"

  • Piki girl closeup

  • Piki girl

  • Forgotten toys

    Ymir, Brimir and Eggie are playing with robots, spacemen and aliens. Old tin soldiers are all forgotten.

  • Thule

    I finally blushed my hippogriff.

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