• Ugly arrival

    When Icy, Wage and Babo arrived here the first thing they asked for was cookies. Fortunately I had some Jaffa Cakes at home, otherwise they would probably have left immediately!

  • Uglies and trolls

    The uglies are about the same size as Niks and Naks.

  • Floating uglies

    Just in case I'll drop the uglies in water later I had to test if they float. They are floating just fine.

  • Babo, Icy and Wage at Tampere Hall

    As soon as the Uglies arrived they wanted a tour of their new home town.

  • Standing on a T

    The uglies immediately wanted a tour of their new home town, so I took them on a quick tour to Tampere Hall

  • Uglies at the Tampere Hall

  • Wage and a mailbox

    Wage was pleased to see that the color of the mailbox matches him.

  • Wage and a rosehip

  • Icy and a rosehip

  • Babo found a rose that was still in bloom

    Babo: "Peekaboo!"

  • Deimos meeting the uglies

  • Ugly lunch

    What? Cabbage soup for lunch??? The uglies grumbled a lot, but they ate anyway...

  • Ice cream for dessert

    After the uglies had eaten their cabbage soup they got ice cream for dessert. There was absolutely no grumbling about it.

  • Wage and a mailbox

    Wage is so excited that his colors match the mailboxes. He is pretending to be a miniature mailbox on top of the big one.

  • Wage and a mailbox

    Wage is pretending to be a mailbox but I hope no one will start stuffing letters into his mouth...

  • Uglies and the rye bread

    The uglies thought they had found a giant chocolate cookie or donut and they were pretty disappointed to find out that it was a rye bread.

  • The uglies and meringue 1/4

    The uglies decided that they were not getting enough cookies or other sweet stuff so they decided to take the matters in their own hands and make some meringues. Wage is reading the recipe aloud and the others are checking if we have all the needed ingre…

  • The uglies and meringue 2/4

    The egg white foam looks ready...

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