• Lati baby

    "I wish I had a body so I could get out of bed!" Eggie started life as a blank gift head that arrived with Deimos. It took almost a year before I finally made a face up for her. And then I had to order a body. Poor baby, having to wait for a body before…

  • Egghead

    This is how Eggie got her name. When her body finally arrived she got busy fooling around. Lati heads fit perfectly into egg racks!

  • The more frogs you have in your hair, the prettier you are!

    When Eggie arrived she was the first Lati I had in this size so I could not make her any clothes in advance. She just had to borrow whatever she could find.

  • Eggie has a new dress - as yellow as gold - or egg yolk.

    From this on she only wanted yellow clothes ;-)

  • Eggie looking innocent

    Eggie is sitting next to my computer playing with her yellow bunny and looking innocent.

  • Demolition of my first gingerbread house

    It was supposed to be a moomin house but it got quite crooked and it was not worth taking pictures of. Except the demolition...

  • What has been going on?

    In the evening I left Rastaban, Algol and Eggie sitting by my computer. Eggie was holding her yellow bunny. In the morning the bunny was lying on the mouse pad and all three were trying to look very innocent. What has been going on in the night?

  • Easter

    Eggie, Algol, Rastaban and Thuban got some chocolate bunnies for Easter.

  • Coltsfoot

    Eggie: "This is mine. Everything that is yellow is mine!"

  • Coltsfoot

    Eggie: "Look! A little yellow flower..."

  • Eggie

    She has golden eyes

  • Hepaticas

    Eggie: "These are not yellow. You can have them all!"

  • 10 Latis

    My Latis when there were only 10 of them! Pilvi, Sampo, Deimos, Fomalhaut, Thuban Eggie, Spark, Rastaban, Lumi, Algol

  • Lumi and Eggie

    Eggie: "I want a dress like that, too, but it must be yellow!"

  • Lumi and Eggie

    Pink flowers for Lumi and yellow flowers for Eggie.

  • Lumi and Eggie

    Pink flowers for Lumi and yellow flowers for Eggie.

  • Deimos and Eggie in the kitchen

    Deimos and Eggie have agreed to help me to make vegetable stew. Eggie: "This yellow pepper is mine. Everything that is yellow is mine!"

  • The littlest exterminator

    Eggie is helping to kill plant lice from my marigolds by spraying them with soap water.

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