Posted on 12/17/2010

Photo taken on December 17, 2010

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The gingerbread lighthouse guards 17

The gingerbread lighthouse guards 17
Han Solo: "We heard that you were in need of a wookie."

Stormie: "No, no, we don't need any wookies, we were just scaring some kids from nibbling the gingerbread house. We told them to leave or we'll call a wookie."

Chewbacca: "Ngghrrrrrr..."

Han Solo: "It's not nice to scare kids with wookies. The wookies will get mad."

Stormie: "Hey, no need to get mad, the kids left, and we don't need a wookie!"

Han Solo: "A gingerbread house, huh? Maybe we can nibble a little..."

Night: "No nibbling before Christmas! Not even if the wookie gets mad! Come back after Christmas, it's demolition time then."

Chewbacca: "Grrrrnnngh!"

Han Solo: "You are brave, my friend, you are not even afraid that the wookie will tear your arms off. Very well, we'll be back after Christmas."

Stormie: "Whew! What luck that we did not scare the kids with Darth Vader!"