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Troll (Quest 9)

Troll (Quest 9)
Night: "Look! there the troll is! Let's attack him before he attacks us!"

Stormie: "Wait, he's not even armed. He is just shoveling snow. Let's try another approach. Hey, troll, we friends, no fight, get it?"

Troll: "And good day to you, gentlemen, too. Why do people always assume that a troll is stupid and mean just because he happens to be big and ugly."

Stormie: "Umm... just tradition, I suppose."

Troll: "Indeed. My name is Humbaba, and I'm definitely not stupid. Actually I was accepted to study Metaphysics at the University. Unfortunately it did nor work out."

Stormie: "And why not?"

Humbaba: "I did not fit in through the door. However, I have a little assistant who tried to attend the lectures and take notes for me. It did not work out either. I think he can't write. I could not make any head or tail of his scribblings."

Night: "But why are you shoveling snow in the middle of the forest?"

Humbaba: "I lost my little assistant in the snow. He is not any bigger than you, and the snow is quite deep as you can see."

Stormie: "Well, good luck with the digging. At this rate you may have to dig until the snow melts. If we find the wizards, we'll ask if they have a spell that could help."

Humbaba: "No need. I can smell him, he is not far. I'll find him soon enough. After that I would like to find the wizards, too. Maybe they can help me with my studies."

Night: "See you later, then."