Back of Hoover Dam.

Geology - The Flood of 1983

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  • Back of Hoover Dam.

    Note that the penstock towers are completely covered, during the flood of 1983. The original slide was underexposed and has been brightened considerably. The wisps (highlighted on the right) are not an artifact, though. That's mist from the spray raise…

  • Back of Hoover Dam

    Penstock towers completely covered! Lake Mead at its all-time high during the flood of 1983.

  • Arizona Falls!

    Water falling into the Arizona spillway, Hoover Dam, in the flood of 1983. The first (and so far only) time the spillways have been used for real since they were tested in August 1941.

  • Arizona Falls!

    Water falling into the Arizona spillway of Hoover Dam in the flood of 1983. This remains the only time the spillways have actually been used (they were tested in 1941).

  • Down the hatch...

    Overflow going down the Arizona spillway, flood of 1983.

  • Lake Mead upstream from Hoover Dam

    At its all-time highest point during the flood of 1983. Note the complete absence of the bathtub ring! Here's a comparison with conditions as of 2009:

  • Boulder Beach, flood of 1983

    At this water level, Saddle Island (at right) is truly an island.

  • Boulder Basin, flood of 1983

    Looking east from Boulder Beach. Note the complete absence of the bathtub ring!

  • Echo Bay, flood of 1983

    Echo Bay marina off to the left. The campground is flooded; note the line of trees out in the water (including palms up to their fronds)! Outlined. Here's a link with a comparison to conditions now (2010): Flood vs. Drought: Echo Bay, Lake Mead, Nevad…

  • Sunken ranger station

    At Overton Beach. Flooded to the eaves, summer 1983! The spillways were tested in August 1941, and the water was never expected to get this high again. Never say never... EDIT: I incorrectly identified this place as Echo Bay originally. It's in fact…

  • Sunken ranger station, Lake Mead

    Another view. Note the boat moored to the stop sign! Again, this is Overton Beach during the flood of 1983. Here's a link to a comparison with how this area looked in 2010: 88260/

  • Overton Beach

    Looking northeast, even more to the right of the other two.

  • Glen Canyon Dam, flood of 1983

    With spillways spilling!

  • Glen Canyon spillway, flood of 1983

    Close-up of the water jetting out.

  • Lake Powell, flood of 1983

    At its all-time highest, looking downstream toward Glen Canyon Dam. Note that the lip of the dam is barely visible, and the bathtub ring is completely gone.

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