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As the sun sinks slowly in the west...

05 Sep 2021 5 3 33
We finally got back to camp.

The Wilderness Boundary sign

05 Sep 2021 26
At the trailhead. It is now dusk!

Looking up Columbine Creek trail

Aspens again!

05 Sep 2021 26
Many trees have graffiti carved into them by sheepherders in the early 20th century. Aspen bark scars are dark, so they've been popular for graffiti--although the practice is seriously frowned on now!

Looking back up the Columbine Trail

05 Sep 2021 2 1 27
The TCT crosses into this canyon at the obvious low point to right of center.

Down the switchbacks on the Columbine Trail

Canyon of Columbine Creek

05 Sep 2021 1 1 26
Our return route. The location of the trailhead where we started (and will come out) is marked with a note. Looking more or less west to the Reese River Valley.

Columbine Creek trail

05 Sep 2021 1 26
On the descent back to the trailhead. Looking northwesterly out to Reese River Valley.

TCT junction

05 Sep 2021 21
At the junction of the TCT with the Columbine Creek trail, looking back south.

Coming into Columbine Canyon

05 Sep 2021 1 21
Still on the TCT northbound here, but in less than 1/4 mile or so the Columbine Creek trail comes in from the left, and we return that way.

Looking back south

05 Sep 2021 1 21
Crossed the drainage (whew!). The last thing you want to do at this altitude is recover elevation that you had to lose! The inset is roughly at the point of the view north to here.

Dropping into the drainage

05 Sep 2021 20
It's a pain to be losing altitude when you know you're going to need to regain it! We have to climb up to that saddle.

TCT northbound.

05 Sep 2021 1 20
After crossing this drainage the trail crosses the obvious saddle on the opposite side. The inset looks back from there to this point.

TCT northbound.

05 Sep 2021 1 20
The trail crosses the obvious drainage in front of the sparsely forested slope ahead. It's the headwaters of one of the tributaries of North Twin River.


05 Sep 2021 20
The TCT descends into this saddle on its way north.

Looking east from the TCT

05 Sep 2021 1 21
Down North Twin River Canyon to Big Smoky Valley. The range in the distance is the Toquima Range, with peaks in that high massif over 11K feet.

Bye, Arc Dome!


05 Sep 2021 21
The surface here is so barren that cairns mark the path. It's an extreme environment for vegetation!

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