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  • But it's September!

    Lupine and some un-ID'd yellow flower blooming around 8500 ft, in the upper basin of the Squaw Valley ski resort. I assume they'd been covered with snow till just recently. As it is, the snow is likely to return in a month or so!

  • You have been warned...

    Warning sign about the possibility of unexploded artillery shells used for avalanche control! At the Five Lakes trailhead, which is near the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts. Sierra Nevada, California.

  • Watson Lake

    A small cirque lake on Mt. Watson, in California's Sierra Nevada above the north end of Lake Tahoe. It's just off the Tahoe Rim Trail. The left insert shows a slightly different view (I couldn't decide which I liked better); the right insert is looking…

  • Watson Lake

    Looking northeast.

  • Base of big juniper

    The horizontal scar above my wife's head is probably from wire when the tree was used as a fencepost years ago.

  • Another big juniper

    Which I couldn't fit into the frame. This tree is off the Tahoe Rim Trail near Watson Lake, off the north end of Lake Tahoe in California's Sierra Nevada. See the insert for the scale. We suspect that the prominent horizontal scar visible in the insert…

  • Watson Lake

    Looking south across the lake to the campground. Mt. Watson is bulking up to the right.

  • Beaver Dam

    Detail showing the characteristic gnawed off, tapered ends.

  • Beaver Dam

    On Marysville Creek, Toiyabe Range, Nevada. Beaver have made a big comeback in the mountain West since being hunted nearly to extinction in the early 19th century. The inset is a close-up of the materials in another dam, where the gnawed-off ends of the…

  • Yes, that's the trail--

    Trail along Marysville Creek, originally a jeep road, which has been a foot path for years and is now seriously overgrown. (Google still shows it as a road. Google is wrong!) Two of the more obnoxious overgrowing plants are seen here: Russian olive (exo…

  • Jackrabbit convention

    Lepus californicus, a hare rather than a true rabbit, and very common in the US west. There were about a dozen individuals here in an area outside a gate to a ranch, where there was some agricultural equipment parked. I assume there must have been somet…

  • IMG 7552 adj

  • The call of the wild!

    Cole, our long-tailed red tri, in Pasco Canyon in the Toquima Range, central Nevada.

  • Jackrabbit

    Another individual in the group on the way to Pasco Canyon (see adjacent photo), showing off his large ears. They're supposed to have a role in thermal regulation.

  • Pacific Crest Trail to Tinker Knob

    Looking south, on the crest of the Sierra Nevada about 6 miles (10 km) south of Donner Summit. The elevation along here is about 8500 ft (2591 m). Tinker Knob (8949 ft/2728 m) on the skyline. An Austrian hiker was struck by lightning here the previous…

  • Tinker Knob

    Looking east off the Pacific Crest Trail. 8949 ft/2728 m. Sierra Nevada, California, about 6 miles south of Donner Summit.

  • Unfair!

    This spectacular peak (8761 ft/ 2670 m) on the main Sierra Nevada crest is unnamed. Picture taken from the junction of the Coldstream Trail with the Pacific Crest Trail, which can be seen crossing the flank of the ridge ahead on the right. Looking south…

  • Gnarly

    Stressed environment! Off the Pacific Crest Trail near Andersen Mountain, at the Sierra Nevada crest south of Donner Pass.

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