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  • Headwaters of Squaw Creek

    Probably where the bear was getting a drink!

  • W.W.S.T.B.

    Where We Saw The Bear. He was on the path across the creek (outlined), but of course I didn't have the camera out and got no picture because he didn't stick around! This is on the Pacific Crest Trail at the north edge of the Squaw Valley ski area (where…

  • Sierra Juniper

    Off the Thornburg Canyon trail.

  • A get-well card for PamJ

    Who really likes these big trees. Sierra juniper off the Thornburg Canyon trail. As usual, see the inset for the scale. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Erratic

    A large glacial erratic perched improbably on the ridge next to Little Needle Peak. Telephoto view; location is of the erratic rather than the photo point.

  • Refreshing, II

    Cole & Jack in Little Needle Lake.

  • Little Needle Lake

    Looking southeasterly. A small cirque lake a few miles (as the crow flies!) west of the Squaw Valley ski resort.

  • Little Needle Lake

    With Little Needle Peak skylined beyond. A small cirque lake in the Sierra Nevada a mile or so off the Pacific Crest Trail west of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. We almost didn't find the lake because the use path to it wasn't _nearly_ as well-defined as…

  • Refreshing!

    Cole and Jack in Little Needle Lake. It was a long hike to this point-- ;) The inset shows a different view.

  • Sign at Spooner Lake

    A small reservoir now mainly used for sport fishing, in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. The sign shows that "angler" remains a living part of modern English, at least in officialese! It's probably made a comeback in part thru being a gender-neutral term.

  • Jeff Davis Peak

    Sierra Nevada, Alpine County, California. Looking south off the Thornburg Canyon trail. There have been proposals recently to change this Politically Incorrect name... Altho it looks pretty sheer on this side, there's apparently a Class 4 route up the…

  • Jeff Davis Peak

    Looking southwesterly off the Thornburg Canyon trail, over the headwaters of Jeff Davis Creek., The air is still a bit hazy from the wildfires.

  • Fire on the Mountain

    Fire on Slide Mountain after it's swept up the slope. Location is of the fire rather than the camera point. Telephoto view off my back patio--sorry about the wires!

  • Fire on the Mountain

    Telephoto time exposure from my back patio. An ultralight crashed into Slide Mountain, on the west side of Washoe Valley, Sunday afternoon and started this fire. At least the wind wasn't blowing this way... The fire was pretty much out by Monday mornin…

  • Fire on the Mountain

    Fire on Slide Mountain, just after starting due to an ultralight crash. Telephoto view from my back patio. Note that flames are visible from here just to the left of the smoke at the base. Location is of the fire rather than the photo point.

  • Sentinel

    Lone tree, probably a Jeffrey pine, standing improbably tall off the Pacific Crest Trail near the Blue Lakes. Amazing it's so straight and has also apparently avoided being struck by lightning! Looking west; more of the Sierra Nevada skylined. The air…

  • Lower Lost Lake

    A small reservoir off the Pacific Crest Trail, near the Blue Lakes but across the drainage divide from them. The water level is much higher than it's been--as can be seen in the insert, which shows this same lake in July 2013! That view is not from the…

  • Upper Blue Lake

    Off the Pacific Crest Trail. Watch your footing! Sierra Nevada, California. The lake is a reservoir belonging to PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) that is down despite the good season in 2017. The air is a bit hazy because of the California wildfires.

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