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  • Old Grapes

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Fruit The only fruit left in the house...I need to go food shopping!

  • Ghost Tree

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Negative Space I had an opportunity to visit Shenandoah National Park this week while away on vacation. Skyline Drive is famous for its scenic views of the Appalachian mountains. One thing we saw were many long-dead trees still s…

  • Día de los Muertos

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Traditions Día de los Muertos , or "Day if the Dead" is a tradition often celebrated on 1 Nov. as a day to remember children who have passed away, and on 2 Nov. to honor adults. This holiday originated in ancient Mesoamerica (Mexico an…

  • I got My Eye on You!

    Playing with the use of cropping to change the perspective of this photo of my cat, Rusty.

  • A Beary Happy Anniversary!

    Saturday Self-Challenge: In honor of our second anniversary as a group, choose something you've learned in SSC and take a photo using this technique. I chose long exposure for this challenge because I learned so much about the relationship between exposu…

  • Autumn Green

    Saturday Self-Challenge: take a shot of anything while looking upwards. Under one of the maple trees in my front yard, I photographed some leaves overhead that were back lit by the morning sun. Even though we are well into Autumn, the season has been so…

  • Paper Texture

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Paper and cardboard Macro of a card envelope made out of textured paper.

  • Raindrops on Beetle

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Water drops I had a lucky day when the rains came overnight and I saw water drops all over my husband's vintage Volkswagen Beetle. Have a great weekend Everyone! :-)

  • Caught Between Yin and Yang

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Diagonal Lines A weed I found growing in a crack between the sidewalk and blacktop of the driveway. Have a great weekend, Everyone! :-))

  • "All Paths Lead to Rome"

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Leading Lines in Black and White My air plant (Tillandsia).

  • Amazing Infrastructure 2

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Take a photo and post process it to achieve the goal for your subject. Earlier this week, I had a chance to visit the beautiful Winterthur Museum and Gardens. During my tour of the gardens, I saw a hedgerow of Elephant Ear plants…

  • Amazing Infrastructure

    I took a trip to Winterthur Museum and Gardens near Wilmington, Delaware today and came upon a hedgerow of giant Elephant Ears plants. The sun performed its back-lighting magic to reveal the detailed structure of these amazing leaves. Nature's perfect abs…

  • Rat Fink

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Something Scary There are a number of things in my home that are scary, but I decided to go with comic scary. This is Rat Fink, a cartoon character that was very popular among boys of my husband's generation. As a matter of fact, he li…

  • Au Natural

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Flowers, Faux flowers or something with an image of a flower SOOC (straight out of camera). This week the weather was my biggest hindrance, so I had to rely on manual settings to compensate. Another big challenge was making sure…

  • Calico Rectangles and the Mirrored Cat...

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Squares and Rectangles My cat Flame once again came around to make my photo a little more interesting. I decided to use mirror effect on this image just to experiment and liked the result. I have two other images in the notes; on…

  • Flame on a Quilt

    An alternate shot for the Saturday Self-Challenge (Squares and Rectangles).

  • Patchwork Squares and Rectangles

    An alternate shot for the Saturday Self-Challenge (Squares and Rectangles).

  • Mystery Pod

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Seeds/Nuts I discovered this mystery plant growing in my flower garden. It appears there is a translucent cover over the pod of seeds. In the notes, there is another photo of this plant showing its flower and leaves in addition to the…

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