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Natural Stripes

30 Oct 2021 28 21 186
Saturday Self-Challenge: Stripes I was looking for stripes in something unique so I picked one of my rare succulents. Nature can be so amazing! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Fall Fun

16 Oct 2021 29 21 192
Saturday Self-Challenge: Herbst (Autumn) Since I live in Florida, it was a bit of a challenge to find obvious signs of autumn. However, signs of autumn appear in stores that sell decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I found this humorous stack of pumpkins in a store selling autumn holiday decorations. Have a wonderful fall weekend, everyone!


01 Oct 2021 33 28 223
Saturday Self-Challenge: Auto My husband's 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Raindrop Abstract

17 Sep 2021 41 24 220
Saturday Self-Challenge: Rain We have been having rain all week, so it was just a matter of how to compose an image of it. I thought the rain drops looked so pretty on my car, so that is what I chose as my subject. Have a great weekend, everyone!


11 Sep 2021 22 23 167
Saturday Self-Challenge: Remembering September 11, 2001 What happened on September 11, 2001 impacted the world, and it made everyone everywhere feel quite vulnerable in a way we never felt before. But after twenty years, has anything changed to make the world a safer place? The war in Afghanistan needed to end, but the way it was ended by the Biden administration left that country firmly in the hands of terrorists (with billions of dollars worth of sophisticated American weaponry!) who will beget more violence. What a way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the worst terror attack ever committed.

Monarch Season

19 Aug 2021 55 38 305
World Photography Day A monarch butterfly on tropical milkweed. One of my favorite butterflies! Have a beautiful World Photography Day!

Life on the Beach

19 Aug 2021 20 12 188
Two Ibises strolling along Melbourne Beach, Florida.

Shadow Story

29 May 2021 28 17 197
Saturday Self-Challenge: Human Shadow A shadow selfie under a palm tree. Have a great weekend, Everyone!

House Building

19 May 2021 22 12 156
Saturday Self-Challenge: Building Construction Our new home in Florida being constructed. This crane is hoisting up plywood boards for the roof. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Crown of Thorns

08 May 2021 36 34 210
Saturday Self-Challenge: Houseplants I have a number of houseplants living with me. This one is a special hybrid that I found recently at a gardening center. Have a nice weekend, everyone!

Patio Door

01 May 2021 23 16 171
Saturday Self-Challenge: Door This is the patio door that leads to the sun room. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Desert Rose

22 Apr 2021 46 28 207
Saturday Self-Challenge: Something that makes you feel better One of my favorite things to do to relieve tension is to garden. Being among natural things is rejuvenating to the soul! Since I moved to Florida, I haven't yet been able to garden outside because we are renting a small house with no yard. So I have had to make do with creating a potted garden inside. This plant is my most recent addition to the collection. Once our forever home is built, I will again be able to garden outside to my heart's content! Have a good weekend, everyone!


10 Apr 2021 30 23 185
Saturday Self-Challenge: Electricity At the flip of a switch... Have a great weekend, everyone!

A Vase of Shells

03 Apr 2021 32 16 159
Saturday Self-Challenge: Anything Glass in B&W I am still learning how to use my new camera (I have a feeling I'll be learning for a long time!), and wanted to try B&W in camera instead of using an editor. After some time spent learning how to use the feature, I managed to get a somewhat decent image. Happy Easter and have a great week ahead!


27 Mar 2021 40 23 181
Saturday Self-Challenge: Fragile Glass is fragile even though hard. Sea shells are fragile like glass. These shells were collected locally at the beaches of Melbourne, Florida. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Bedroom Light

20 Mar 2021 36 20 150
Saturday Self-Challenge: Lamps Have a great week, friends!

Two Squares

13 Mar 2021 38 18 166
Saturday Self-Challenge: Square Have a good week everyone!

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