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  • The Rain has Passed!

    A dahlia bloom in my garden after a summer rain. This plant is very special to me as it came from the garden of my dear friend who died earlier this year. I think of her every time I see it. It is a beautiful representation of life that springs from death…

  • A Big Fountain HFF!

    A shot of the fabulous fountain display bordering the main display at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA USA. HFF and a wonderful weekend to all my friends on ipernity; may we share many more together! :-)

  • Buddies

    Two of my favorite teddy bears from a collection of antique bears. I found them for sale together on ebay several years ago, and just had to have them! They are each about 100 years old. I don't know how long they have been together, but the character the…

  • Epic Shadows HFF!

    Long shadows of fence railings at the end of a beautiful day in Havre de Grace, Maryland. I wish you all a HFF and a wonderful weekend, my friends! ;-)

  • A Garden Path

    This beautiful "English" garden path is one of the many delightful sights at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

  • Dahlias in Bloom!

    I love looking at the dahlias at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. :-) A new day truly dawns for Ipernity; many thanks to IMA and to all the members who gave of their money and time to keep it alive!

  • A Longwood Fountains HFF!

    First look at the newly renovated Main Fountain at Longwood Gardens. It is a remarkable feat of engineering that would make Pierre S. DuPont proud. A small example of the light show is included in comment below. The photos do not do justice to the amazing…

  • Blue Eyes

    Playing with selective color processing on this image of my cat, Flame.

  • Longwood Orchids

    I had the great pleasure of visiting Longwood Gardens with my sister and her significant other last week. One of my best surprises (besides the beautifully refurbished main fountain) was how well my new iPhone 7 Plus camera works. It has two lenses instea…

  • Sweet Memories

    An antique bisque head doll poses with a cute antique "stick" bear (so called because of the stick shaped arms and legs). The doll once belonged to a dear friend of mine who recently passed away. Both doll and bear are well over 100 years old. ~Thank you…

  • Introspection in Black and White

    A black and white version of an image I posted several weeks ago.

  • Three Amigos

    Three geese swimming in formation near Havre de Grace, Maryland USA. I wish you all a tranquil week, my friends! :-) Thank you all for visiting and for your comments/faves, they are much appreciated!

  • My Territory!

    I was getting ready to take a shot of these two gulls each sitting on its own pole when suddenly one chased the other away...not exactly the image I wanted to take. That being said, there is something about it that keeps my attention; maybe it's the drama…

  • Flowering "Hen"

    Flowers blooming on my Hen and Chicks plant. Here's info from Wikipedia about these interesting succulents:

  • HFF From the Brooklyn Bridge!

    On the bridge pedestrian walkway looking toward Brooklyn, New York. HFF and a wonderful weekend to all my ipernity friends! :-)

  • HFF in Thoughtful Solitude

    My grandson, Logan, in a daydreaming moment at the playground of Benji's, one of the last drive-in theatres in America. HFF to all my ipernity friends on this start to the summer season! :-)

  • Sail Away

    "Let me sail, let me sail, Let the Orinoco flow Let me reach, let me beach on the shores of Tripoli Let me sail, let me sail, Let me crash upon your shore Let me reach, let me beach Far beyond the Yellow Sea Sail away, sail away, sail away..." From the s…

  • A Lighthouse HFF!

    HFF to all my ipernity friends from the Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA! :-)

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