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  • Movie Rainbow

    Macro Monday 2.0: Rainbow Refracted light on a DVD.

  • Insulator Vortex

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Photograph something that is "round" and use a square aspect ratio (1:1) Looking into an antique glass insulator. The blue color is from a sconce light with blue light bulb. In case you are not familiar with this item, I have in…

  • Summer Clouds Over the Bay

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Summer (or, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter). Take a shot of anything that represents your favorite aspect of the season. My favorite thing about summer is going near a large body of water and enjoying the marine a…

  • Summertime Farmland

    One of the many scenic farm fields to be seen in Chester County, Pennsylvania, a short distance from the Maryland border.

  • The Cat Lady

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Toys This is a doll from the line of Mattel's Monster High collection. They have been popular since the dolls were first introduced in 2010. They are collected by children and adults alike. One of my favorites is Toralei, a Werecat, pi…

  • Three Baskets

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Basket(s) Baskets that hang in my living room; one of them is holding flowers from my garden.

  • Old Glass Bottles

    My collection of antique glass bottles I've collected over the years.

  • Pop Fizz

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Gasblasen / Gas bubbles Carbon bubbles seen in a glass of soda.

  • Perfect Mason

    Saturday Self-Challenge: High Contrast in Black and White One of the biggest challenges was finding an appropriate subject that lent well to ramping up contrast. This antique mason jar qualified beautifully. After converting to black and white, I increas…

  • Praying Mantis

    Macro Mondays 2.0: insects This image was taken last summer, but I only just now processed and uploaded it for the first time. This is a praying mantis I discovered well hidden among the plant life. It was dining on on a moth when I photographed it. Orig…

  • A "Guess What" Abstract

    Saturday Self-Challenge: "Guess What I am" Hint: I am very "illuminating". ;-) I will post the solution photo tomorrow morning. :-))

  • A Violet Explosion

    Beautiful Throatwort seen in the conservatory at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA. ~Best viewed enlarged on black~

  • The Grand Opening

    Fully opened blooms of the Sempervivum plant, better known as house leeks or "Hens and Chicks". ~Best viewed enlarged on black~

  • Sempervivum (House Leek)

    Also known as "Hens and Chicks" where I live.

  • Round Buds

    Macro Mondays 2.0: Something Round The buds of Sempervivum, a succulent plant also known by its nickname "Hens and Chicks". ~Two more photos in the notes~

  • Fire Bear

    Saturday Self-Challenge: The Color Red Thought I would play with two of my toys this week; my crystal ball and a toy bear with the New York Fire Department patch on its belly, honoring the brave fire fighters who were among the first responders during th…

  • A Short Spring

    One of the beautiful irises growing in my garden. They didn't last long and we went right into summer! This photo is dedicated to ima for figuring out the problem with PicMonkey and fixing it. I will be forever grateful! <3

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