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Patio Door

01 May 2021 19 15 59
Saturday Self-Challenge: Door This is the patio door that leads to the sun room. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Desert Rose

22 Apr 2021 41 27 90
Saturday Self-Challenge: Something that makes you feel better One of my favorite things to do to relieve tension is to garden. Being among natural things is rejuvenating to the soul! Since I moved to Florida, I haven't yet been able to garden outside because we are renting a small house with no yard. So I have had to make do with creating a potted garden inside. This plant is my most recent addition to the collection. Once our forever home is built, I will again be able to garden outside to my heart's content! Have a good weekend, everyone!


10 Apr 2021 28 21 82
Saturday Self-Challenge: Electricity At the flip of a switch... Have a great weekend, everyone!

A Vase of Shells

03 Apr 2021 31 16 81
Saturday Self-Challenge: Anything Glass in B&W I am still learning how to use my new camera (I have a feeling I'll be learning for a long time!), and wanted to try B&W in camera instead of using an editor. After some time spent learning how to use the feature, I managed to get a somewhat decent image. Happy Easter and have a great week ahead!


27 Mar 2021 38 21 96
Saturday Self-Challenge: Fragile Glass is fragile even though hard. Sea shells are fragile like glass. These shells were collected locally at the beaches of Melbourne, Florida. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Bedroom Light

20 Mar 2021 33 20 88
Saturday Self-Challenge: Lamps Have a great week, friends!

Two Squares

13 Mar 2021 37 18 98
Saturday Self-Challenge: Square Have a good week everyone!

Spring Cactus

10 Mar 2021 25 11 72
A new plant I brought home the other day. I love how the flowers open up in the day and close at night.

Bug for a Bug

27 Feb 2021 24 23 104
Saturday Self-Challenge: Covid-19 One of the hallmarks of the Covid-19 pandemic are masks. Never before has a populace been so universally impacted by a disease. These are the masks I wear when out and about. My favorite is the one shown on top.

Falling Water

06 Feb 2021 24 13 105
Saturday Self-Challenge: Thrown or Falling This was quite a challenge; I finally opted to use running water from the tap to capture water drips. I used my flash to capture them more clearly. Not exactly the most clever image, but satisfactory for the challenge (plus I was happy with the results of the flash). Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone!

My Pink Cadillac

31 Jan 2021 25 17 108
Macro Mondays: Bicycles My cruising bicycle made by Cadillac. I don't know if these are still produced, but it does ride like a Cadillac...and yes, it is pink! An alternate shot is in the note. Have a great week ahead, everyone!


31 Jan 2021 7 51
The seat of of my pink cruiser bike made by Cadillac.

Shadow Play

29 Jan 2021 28 19 110
Saturday Self-Challenge: A Bottle from Above I have always loved colored glass and the way light shines through it, creating the most interesting shadows. Another shot from a different angle is in the note. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thank you so much for your comments and likes, so very appreciated!

Shadow Play #2

A Florida Hibiscus

23 Jan 2021 40 57 155
Saturday Self-Challenge: Folds/Wrinkles I am finally moved to Florida! This beautiful flower belongs to a hibiscus bush in the yard. Have a great weekend, everyone!

A Summer Memory...

26 Jul 2020 22 15 166
A photo taken in my garden this past summer. Thankfully I uploaded a number of photos before ipernity's upload feature went down, so I have new images to share over the coming days/weeks. Happy Weekend, Everyone!

The Mushroom Family

09 Aug 2020 42 19 192
Macro Dreams Challenge: Mushrooms I found this delightful cluster of mushrooms growing in my yard this past summer. Best seen enlarged on black.

A Monarch in my Garden!

14 Sep 2020 53 36 229
It has been a long time since I saw a Monarch butterfly in my garden; this one decided to pose for me! Have a great weekend everyone!

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