Jim Boynton

Jim Boynton

Posted on 09/16/2014

Photo taken on August 29, 2014

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Lake Ontario
Canon EOS Rebel T3
Frenchman's Bay
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Just kidding! You know we love you guys.

But be warned, if you ruin our 'Tim Horton's' it will be 1812 all over again. :)

Some randoms below.

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Jim Boynton
Jim Boynton
Very smart dog. Never ran into the lake, just waited for the waves to bring the ball to him.
IMG 6854

Not really a people shooter type of guy, but I enjoyed watching the boy and his father. A day the boy won't soon forget.

Sorry again for the lack of an i.d. This was one fast bugger...flying all over the place never resting his wings once. Lucky I got this one shot.
IMG 6796

First butterfly I have seen in two years. Actually took this at Bluffer's Park on the 14th, but thought I would include it here. More, and I hope, better pics of this critter to come.
IMG 7029
4 years ago. Edited 4 years ago.
They are all delightful. The butterfly is a cracking shot, so beautiful.

Can't help with the fast "bugger" I'm afraid, but you did well to capture it, so never mind ID..!

That dog shot is so good, Jim. Clever indeed..

Now, the top image. I have read of that a while ago, quite controversial I think. Fingers crossed for your Tim Horton chain. Fun shot....though
4 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Joan+
Thank-you Joan! We get the American companies up here quite a lot of course, but they don't always succeed. For every success like WallMart or Costco there are failures like Sam's Club and Target who come across the border and then realise that we just don't have the population to sustain them. Even manufacturing giants like U.S. Steel don't always make it up here...they just filed for bankruptcy in Ontario. We really are two different peoples, not just different countries, and they have to learn to accept that and run their companies as we would or it won't work.
4 years ago.
Levina de Ruijter
Levina de Ruijter
As always, love your "randoms".

The fast bugger is a Barn Swallow, so no wonder you had problems capturing him. They're extremely difficult to get good shots of but you did very well here and it's much better than my first shot of a Swallow!

Love the butterfly also. Very pretty. And the dog is smart indeed. Although most dogs love to run into the water, so one does wonder why this one didn't. :)

I didn't know what a Tim Horton was, but I read the article and so I know. Let's hope the restaurants stay the same no matter who owns it!

The man and his son are making memories indeed...
4 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Levina de Ruijter
Thanx Levina!
I think the dog was old and just couldn't bother jumping in when it didn't have to.
The Swallow was difficult since s/he never rested...more like a butterfly than a bird.
As for Tim's, I've heard that Burger King will be using our management people to run things on this side of the border. Smart thinking since Tim's is such a success story over here, even giving Starbuck's a run for their money.
4 years ago.
Pam J
Pam J
Swallow.. and Monarch flutterby !!!

Beautiful series... and the title made me laugh out loud !!!!!!!
4 years ago.
Jim Boynton has replied to Pam J
Flutterby...Love it!
I now have a new found appreciation for your flutterby shots...these critters are not very cooperative! Will be by to visit soon.
4 years ago.
Cats 99
Cats 99
A beautiful series of photos - lots of variety and interest there. Good catch on the Barn Swallow! I don't see many of those around here, and when I do, they are very difficult to capture. I did manage to catch a pair of them on a road sign this past summer, but I only got a couple of shots before they were gone again in flight. Tree Swallows can be every bit as challenging to photograph too, at times.
4 years ago.