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summer in b&w Copacaban Soul Feat. Rosalia De Souza, Laura Fedele, Kal dos Santos & Toco)

A dream about stairs Dave Brubeck - Take Five


One of my expos - Lodz, Poland


One of my expos - Lodz, Poland

too close to the Sun

here more : Recently I had the big pleasure to participate for the second time in the 21st International Competition of Digital Creation 2018, Poland and this photo had AWARD of the Union of Polish Art Photographers/ NAGRODA Honorowa Związku Polskich Artystów Fotografików. Last year I presented another of my photo which is possible watching here: Tricky - Wash My Soul Collaboration with photo of .t.a.o.…

imaginary fabric - arras. Memory about Paradise.

here more : Koop - Once Britten Collaboration with photo of .t.a.o.n.

deep immersion

here more : this photo on international exhibition in 2017: Koop - Absolute Space - Photography - David Augustin

... from the Spring ;-)

here more : A tulip ON BLACK, PLEASE ! Takumi Kato - Tone 10

Journeys of the mind

from my series COSMOGONY I, image XV with PIP / In memoriam STEPHEN HAWKING r.i.p. here more : Here I want to share with you some of my paintings ( version in tempera technique ) , in PIP you will see a bit more than a slideshow. Thanks for your attention, my friends ! I was always fascinated by cosmology and modern physics, I have my favorite collection of books by Georg Gamow with his mister Tompkins, a few books of Niels Bohr, Robert Penrose, Michio Kaku, popularization of E…
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