Saguaro in Sand Storm (modified)

Arizona, New Mexico, Utah

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Saguaro in Sand Storm (modified)

Caught this photo during a typical Arizona sandstorm. The Saguaro was near our RV. The original image was OK, but it was MORE INTERESTING to do some manipulation in GIMP. Looks more like a poster now. See:

Grand Canyon Sunset

We were visiting the area, and parked our RV at a National Forest campground near the entrance to the National Park. This setup allowed us to visit the canyon rim at all hours, rather than trying to keep a schedule for a day trip. We got to the rim an hour before sunset, and set up our cameras. We took a large number of photos, while a crowd of visitors closed in on us. Fortunately, our tripods kept the most curious away. I like this image, with deep purple colors on the rock formations, and just a sliver of the last sun's rays. See:

Cereus Bloom

Taken in Arizona. This cactus was blooming in the morning, and looks nice against the blue sky. Processed with GIMP. See:

Cactus Blossom

Taken at Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona. See:

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Biplanes Fly By at Casa Grande (Arizona) Air Show

Taken during the regular air show that occurs in Casa Grande, Arizona. We were there for the winter, and spent a day watching the show and looking at airplanes. Didn't buy any. Taken with the Nikon D700 See:

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Paraglider in Sunset, Quartzsite, Arizona

We had some spectacular sunsets during our visits in Quartzsite. I was taking sunset shots, when the paraglider flew overhead. I was able to wait until they were in the frame for this shot. See:

Purple Wildflower

Taken at the Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona. I used the Panasonic GX85. The wind was blowing all of these delicate wildflowers around. It was difficult to get a clear shot. Processed with GIMP. See:

Ocotillo Blooms Against a Hillside, Saguaro National Park, Tucson, Arizona

Taken during our return visit 2017. Used the Panasonic GX85. See:

Quartzsite Sunset

Taken in Quartzsite, Airzona, while we had our motorhome parked in the desert. We had some beautiful sunsets and evenings.
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