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A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone..... from…

08 Feb 2024 38 72 78
A sudden flurry of snow - brings joy to locals,. as they sledge down the slopes around the 'Moss valley'

The Moss valley 8/02/2024 - and 31/12/2023 'pip'

08 Feb 2024 9 6 19
Photo is taken from the same position - as on the 'Last day of the year' shot,.. 31/12/2023

Eckington hall - Mosborough.

08 Feb 2024 15 12 32
Local to us,. is ''Eckington hall'' - Joseph Wells jointly with his brother George, increased their coal business till J. and G. Wells became amongst the largest coal proprietors. When he became very rich, he wanted to build a hall, to be called 'Eckington hall'. Looking in vain for a suitable place in Eckington, so he chose a site in Mosborough, 1871 -1872,. thus we have 'Eckington' Hall at 'Mosborough'. He lived but a very short time at his new hall, dying very suddenly October 6th, 1873.// This property is now given over to private residential apartments.

A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone..... from…

18 Jan 2024 37 63 105
Known as 'Doe Lane'.. but merely a trail through the wooded area of 'Ford' south Sheffield,. and being ankle deep in mud is normal at this time of year... (but frozen solid on the day) A ''HFF'' and 'Have a fine weekend' ,. to all - from > David J.

The last day of 2023,. and also at 8/02/2024 'pip…

31 Dec 2023 23 30 81
A last look back along the local 'Moss valley' on a dull and chilly last day of the year., 2023 The 'pip' shows the scene taken from the same position on a snowy Thursday 8th. Feb. 2024

A ''Happy fence Friday'' 'Solstice' 21/12/2023

21 Dec 2023 35 59 80
A low sun angle across the fields,. on this,. the winter solstice., the shortest day and longest night of the year.,. give or take a bit of cloud cover... A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone,.. from > Dj.

Low sun over the track,.

21 Dec 2023 11 10 32
Looking the other way from 'Fence photo' with the sun going down on the muddy track,..- but happily it will be (very) slightly higher tomorrow,. at the same time,..

A ''Happy bench Monday'' to everyone..... from…

16 Dec 2023 31 49 86
A pleasantly sited bench,.. at,. 'Ford',. South of Sheffield,.. Have a good new week ahead,. and 'Good Wishes' to everyone,.

♫..Mud, mud,. ♫ ♪ glorious mud..♪ etc. etc.

16 Dec 2023 15 11 35
Around our local woodlands,, these are not farm vehicle tracks,. but two pathways where previous walkers have trod carefully across the swamp like sea of mud.

Number 4 High street Eckington.. the Jagger family…

15 Dec 2023 10 11 37
More old time photo treatment to another local Eckington old property. Here at No.4 High street, renovated but still with the original frontage lived the 'Rolling stones' 'Mick Jaggers' Great Grandparents,.and also his Grandparents,.a 'Harriet Fanshaw' who married 'David Ernest Jagger', in nearby Chesterfield 1908,..... their son, 'Basil Fanshaw Jagger' was Micks' Father.

You want it ? - we sell it.

08 Dec 2023 16 17 60
A bit of Ye' Olde' World' photo treatment to a long established store,..local to us,. is 'French's the Ironmongers' in the North Derbyshire town of 'Eckington' - under the same family ownership for many generations..and selling a countless number of items including your required gallons / litres of paraffin via a tap from a tank. The gap to the left is known as 'Pilkingtons' yard' which along with other 'yards' is named from early Eckington families..

A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone..... from…

14 May 2018 46 68 127
Not quite the 'Great wall of China'.. but here's a most delightful country path leading out from the area of the village of 'Foolow' in Derbyshire.

A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone..... from…

06 Jun 2018 37 41 90
A 'mono' treatment from 2018,..''Magpie Mine'' is a preserved disused lead mine near the village of Sheldon in Derbyshire, the free to walk about area of five lead mines [but all shafts are sealed],. is a protected Monument. Derbyshire has a history of industrial lead mining going back to Roman times and lead mining at this site goes back to at least the 17th century. Magpie Mine is recorded back to 1740, after over 200 years of operation, which closed in 1958 and was the last working lead mine in Derbyshire.

A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone..... from…

23 Sep 2023 37 58 98
A corner of the delightful old village of 'Bradwell' in Derbyshire,.. no diversions were considered here, as the crystal clear stream which runs through the village,. makes its way unhindered beneath a property. Incidentally,. the road seen in the view is named.,. 'Soft water lane' Incidentally 2,. 'Peter Owen Jones' the well known Sheffield artist - and my art teacher - was born here.

Ladybower dam - 'plug holes' overflow.

22 Oct 2023 29 28 94
Here is the Ladybower dam filled and with water gushing down the East overflow.. ['pip'] shows the 'Derwent dam' on the same day,.. surprisingly with low water - probably held low for maintenance work,. but filling fast.

Derwent dam - still filling.

22 Oct 2023 9 2 32
The 'Derwent dam' wall and towers where 'The dambusters' 617 squadron did practice low flying runs prior to the raids during May 1943. maintenance work may be going on here as the water level is surprisingly low,. . . ['pip'],. shows the Ladybower dam.

Water water every where - nor any drop to drink..e…

21 Oct 2023 17 13 57
On foot to get some further pictures ,.a tunnel of trees runs along the A 6135 towards local Renishaw and is blocked by further abandoned cars.. and the footpath too by waist deep water.

It's rather damp around our region.

21 Oct 2023 10 14 45
On the horizon is the 'A 6135' Sheffield to Renishaw road .. middle of picture is normally a grazing field,.and the Renishaw golf course,. but not today !,. beneath this bridge is 'Spinkhill lane' containing several abandoned vehicles.

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