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01 Sep 2022 31 57 98
Crossing a footbridge over the 'River Wye' at 'Millersdale' after leaving the 'Monsal trail',.. once a section of the now disused railway line from Manchester to Buxton.. the now resurfaced cycling, horse riding and walking trail passes through several well lit tunnels as it meanders along the way. The 'pip' shows a view inside one of the tunnels ,. taken during May 2019.

'World photography day'...19/08/2022..,,'Freedom',…

19 Aug 2022 17 21 78
'Freedom'....... to the left are wide open pastures of farmland where various animals are able to freely wander....... a foliage covered old stone wall built by workers many years ago... a boardwalk over a reservoir to enable visitors to enjoy the area.. and an unknown walker surveys the lush greenery of an English summer day... and the water itself..... for without such,,... there would be no life. The location is ''Lineacre dams'' one of three built between - 1855 - 1904.. to supply drinking water to the town of 'Chesterfield' - Derbyshire - UK.

A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone..... from…

06 Aug 2022 32 49 89
A regularly used barn on the rough track from the village of 'Biggin' to 'Hartington' Derbyshire. Have a fine and ''Happy fence Friday'' from David J.

A ''Happy fence Friday'' to all.... from ..> Dj

27 Jul 2022 32 67 97
An old gate post and fence,.. along 'Wyming brook drive' - Rivelin dams - Sheffield UK. Now closed to motor traffic the trail follows the edge of the dam and other footpaths branch off in all directions... // Interestingly and started in 1903 a 6' 6" high tunnel x 6ft wide was dug to bring water from the larger 'Ladybower dam' 4.5 miles to the West to supplement the Rivelin dam.. obviously a gentle slope was needed and it falls 2 metres over the whole length of 7.2 km. which was a skilful piece of work.

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06 Jul 2022 29 55 96
A view East - along the railway line of the 'Ffestiniog narrow gauge Railway' North Wales - in addition to the railway, a road - a cycle way and the North Wales footpath also runs along this raised man made sea defence known as ''The Cob'' built between 1808 - 1811. Have a good ''Happy fence Friday'' from David J'..

Aah yes !..... 15.4c ....back to normal.... 'p.i.…

22 Jul 2022 2 2 29
That's more like an English Summer..!.... down to 15.4 and raining !

'Time to cast off the woollies'.... 'p.i.p'

19 Jul 2022 10 19 53
... afternoon outside 'shade' temperature today.. at 14.25... .... South Yorkshire UK. ... but of course,,. it could be warmer - where ''you'' are... ? Have a good week everyone,,.. - keep well and cool - from > David J

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07 Jul 2022 22 46 80
''Pictured from sea front is the town of 'Criccieth' and it's castle'',. > a native Welsh castle situated on the headland between two beaches in Criccieth, North Wales, It was built by Llywelyn the Great of the kingdom of Gwynedd, but was heavily modified following its capture by English forces of Edward I in the late 13th century... [Wiki] A fine and 'Happy fence Friday' to all - from David J.

A 'Happy bench Monday' to all - from > Dj.

03 Jul 2022 26 46 86
A shot over the bay of,, 'Borth-Y-Gest',, towards the distant mountains of 'Snowdonia'.. North Wales.

A ''HFF'' from Dj... 'Llanystumdwy'.. Wales.

30 Jun 2022 29 55 93
A small church stands lonely in the distance across the stone bridge which crosses the river 'Dwyfor' in the village of 'Llandstumdwy' North Wales. Have a good and ''Happy fence Friday'' everyone here on 'Ipernity' from > David J.

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16 Jun 2022 24 47 96
The sunken garden at Brodsworth featuring a huge display of different fern..The hall was built during 1861 - 1863 [ see pip ] The last resident of the house was Sylvia Grant-Dalton. After her death in 1988, Her daughter, Pamela Williams, gave the Hall and gardens to 'English Heritage' in 1990 and it is open to visitors.

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07 Jun 2022 32 58 111
A woodland path around the lower lake at 'Hardwick park' showing a fence to the left.... ... and what could be a yawning tree - to the right. A ''Happy fence Friday'' from Dj..

A ''HFF'' to everyone..... from Dj.

26 Sep 2013 31 60 102
A photograph from September 2013 - walking the Levadas' of Madeira'... showing one of the many man made water carrying channels - here cut out of the cliff face - and where walkers need to duck and cover beneath a plummeting water fall - carrying the waterproof WG-3 on the day was intentional and the walk,, was great fun. Have a mighty fine 'Happy fence Friday' everyone - from Dj.

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16 May 2022 29 48 95
A riverside bench in the delightful old town of 'Bakewell',. Derbyshire... The home of the original 'Bakewell pudding'

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15 May 2022 33 70 114
''Biggin dale'' - and the footpath to 'Wolfscote dale'' and for those that wish - further on - the wonderful ''Dovedale'' Walking the Wolfscote and Biggin Dale Circular is a relatively easy journey through urban, riverside, and farmland terrain that can be enjoyed by walkers of almost any skill level. Have a good and ''Happy fence Friday'' from David J.

A ''H.B.M'' from Ye' Olde' village of 'Tissingto…

19 May 2022 28 42 114
Tissington village is about as perfect a 'Peak District' village as can be imagined. The prettiest of stone cottages are clustered around a gracious stately home, in a village complete with a duck pond, six ancient wells, a beautiful church and a stream from one of the wells cuts through the village.. At the heart of the village stands the magnificent Tissington Hall, a Jacobean house dating from 1609. It has remained in the hands of the same family, the Fitzherberts, since it was first built and is still a family home today.

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16 May 2022 13 14 70
The footbridge at Bakewell - to the car parks... crammed with 'love locks'

...........The bridge over the River 'Wye'.......…

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