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23 Sep 2021 17 21 38
'Tattershall castle' - a Medieval tower rising from the flat fens of Lincolnshire... a survivor of conflict, dereliction and restoration.. rescued from total decay in 1911 by 'Lord Curzon' of 'Kedleston' it is part of the UK. 'National trust' network and open to visitors. A ''Happy fence Friday'' to everyone - from .... David J.

On the very top, of..... 'Tattershall castle'

23 Sep 2021 2 1 5
Standing as a total ruin for many years - then in 1911 - Lord Curzon of 'Kedleston' was contacted to save the castle from destruction and deportation.. he bought the castle and rescued the already sold and dismantled fireplaces from being transported to America.. he reinstated the fireplaces, restored the buildings excavated the Moats., and since 1914 has been open to visitors. The rescue efforts of this landmark.. by Lord Curzon - prompted the first piece of ''Buildings conservation'' legislation in the world.

Roman .. 'Newport arch' ..City of Lincoln.

20 Sep 2021 12 16 27
A view.. of 'Newport arch' which is the most famous of Lincoln's Roman monuments.. it is the only surviving Roman gate in Britain open to traffic and still today acting as a gateway to the historic centre of the city. The smaller arch for pedestrians actually passes beneath the cottage seen in picture.

Lincoln Cathedral.. pictured from 'The Strait'

19 Sep 2021 18 24 36
Normally this scene would be crowded with tourists - but here is an early Sunday evening view along ''The Strait'' towards the magnificent 'Lincoln Cathedral' - construction commenced in 1072 - the spire, until its collapse, made it the tallest building in the world from 1311 until 1548.

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16 Sep 2021 24 28 61
Featuring more gate than fence.. they were fixed in position to guide walkers to the footpath seen centre. Have a good 'Happy fence Friday' everyone.. from > David J.

Tree felling... 'Eckington woods' - South Sheffiel…

15 Sep 2021 13 18 30
Hundreds - maybe thousands of tonnes.. of felled trees alongside the track.... a regular walk for us locals and recently, cases of Ramorum disease (Phytophra Ramorum) – a highly infectious pathogen were found in 'Eckington Woods' and the 'Moss Valley', and as there is no treatment for this fatal disease, the only option available to manage or contain it is clear felling, a process which is under way now.. to larch and sweet chestnut trees...the disease is harmless to humans.

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09 Sep 2021 33 53 78
A view North West from the 'Longshaw estate' visitor centre over towards the two distant plateau of 'Carl Wark' , at 370 metres and 'Higger tor' , at 424 metres.. well known in the area for excellent hiking trails. A... 'Happy fence Friday' ...and 'good wishes' to everyone - from David J'...

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28 Aug 2021 34 77 82
A fence at the lower ponds at 'Hardwick' - with a grey Heron looking for a tasty fish.. and through the trees can be seen 'Hardwick hall' in Derbyshire. Built between 1590 and 1597 for Bess of Hardwick. .. the Countess of Shrewsbury. Married four times, her first husband was Robert Barlow, who died aged about 14 or 15 in December 1544. Her second was the courtier Sir William Cavendish. Her third was Sir William St Loe. Her last husband was George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, Through the four marraiges she gained further wealth each time and became the richest woman in England after Queen Elizabeth I.

Hardwick great pond - with the old and new Hardwic…

28 Aug 2021 7 3 19
Across the 'great pond' at Hardwick. The ''Old Hall'' to the right was built between 1587 and 1596 by 'Bess of Hardwick'. In 1590, even before the Old Hall was complete, Bess started to build another house immediately beside it – the ''New Hall'' seen to the left.. which is open to visitors - today the Old Hall is now just a shell,

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26 Aug 2021 36 36 87
Ducks and fishermen - down at the pond - at the village of 'Ford' south Sheffield. Named ''Ford wheel dam'' from the days when water powered mills were common along this valley. Have a good and ''Happy fence Friday'' everyone.. from > David J.

''World photography day''... Bolsover castle' .. N…

19 Aug 2021 33 48 123
For the ''World photography day'' - here is 'Bolsover castle' - the now ruined buildings seen to the right are open to the elements.. The 'Little Castle' seen centre was created as an extravagant retreat by playboy, poet and courtier, Sir William Cavendish. With medieval-style turrets and towers it was a building designed to surprise and delight, a castle built for living - rather than defence. Even royalty came here, in 1634, when Sir William spent a staggering £15,000 on banquets and entertainment for King Charles I, and his Queen Henrietta Maria. Now preserved and beautifully restored, the labyrinth of sumptuous rooms with richly coloured wall art, carved marble fireplaces and stunning over 300 year old painted ceilings.

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10 Aug 2021 16 26 50
A small corner cottage adjacent to 'Nunnington Hall' ( see p.i.p )..which sits on the quiet bank of the River Rye. A dwelling of status is recorded here from 1249, but the existing house has grown out of a Tudor hall. Over the past 450 years the house and estate has been altered to suit a succession of owners and tenants.

Nunnington hall - North Yorkshire.

10 Aug 2021 8 10 27
The first 'Nunnington Hall' was mentioned in the thirteenth century and the site has had many different owners. They include 1st Viscount Preston, the Rutson family and the Fife family. The present building is a combination of seventeenth and eighteenth century work. Most of the building seen today was created during the 1680s, when Richard Graham, 1st Viscount Preston, was its owner. [Wiki]

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12 Aug 2021 26 53 83
The distant ''York Minster'' pictured from the city walls... Best wishes and a 'Happy fence Friday' to all - from ... > David J...

The treasurers house - City of York - U.K.

09 Aug 2021 20 23 57
The treasurers house - .. adjacent to the magnificent York Minster, the house was built on such a grand scale because the Minster officials who lived there were expected to host VIP guests. In 1617 King James I was entertained at Treasurer’s House. And in 1900, Edward VII and Queen Alexandra visited as Prince and Princess of Wales along with their daughter Victoria. It is in their honour that the King’s Room, Queen’s Room and Princess Victoria’s Room were so named. If you have 8mins..30 secs. to spare.. you can watch a well known ghost story connected to the house. www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT3oD-Shkp8&t=331s

A large crop from the bay at 'Borth-y-Gest' North…

12 Jun 2021 12 17 46
A large crop of a holiday snap... showing the speck in the sky...

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12 Jun 2021 30 31 77
A Friday fence snap from June this year... a view across the bay at 'Borth-y-Gest' North Wales UK. and something lurking in the sky... see 'p.i.p'.. dust on the lens ? .. of course.. Have a mighty fine and a 'Happy fence Friday' to everyone.. and many thanks to all for taking a look here .. I will comment back to 'your' pictures - Cheers - from David J'.

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01 Jul 2021 33 46 119
It was not such a hot and sunny day - but these sheep take a nap in the shadows as best that they can. Keep well - everyone and a 'Happy fence Friday' from .. > David J.

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