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  • Hanging rock. Sierra de La Cabrera.

    Seeing as we will be off-line tomorrow at some point, and for between 24 and 48 hours, I wonder if this large boulder will have tumbled inbetween times? :o) Well ... rock. - Rock and roll, this rock about to roll off ..…

  • The oldest surviving door in Madrid. OK on black, z, full screen, etc.

    Puerta lateral de la torre de los Lujanes. Mediados del siglo XV. Sight and sound, knocking on a door - seems reasonable!

  • Asphodel in the wild.

    Bustarviejo Valley, La Sierra de La Cabrera. They seem to like poor but free-draining soil near a bit of boggy ground (snow melt perhaps)

  • El primer depósito elevado, Madrid, Calle de Santa Engracia. In fading evening light.

    The first raised water tower in Madrid. In use 1911 - 1952, Now an art gallery and exposition centre. Original construction (and still owned) by the water company Canal de Isabel II. Architects Luis Moya Idígoras and Ramón de Aguinaga. I also think the…

  • Blue forms and reflections. H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

    La Finca Business Park, Somosaguas, Madrid. I used to teach business English here for a couple of years (in Santander, Orange and FNAC). The ornamental olive tree plantings seen here are repicated everywhere in Spain.

  • HFF Everyone!

    Colombia Metro Station, Madrid. I just LIKE this station. They didn't have to do this but I'm pleased they did. Just about every other metro station has something of interest to see, admire, like, enjoy the vibrant colours of, etc!

  • St Agnes Head from Tubby's Head

    Yes, I posted this before, but I long ago ran out of unseen Cornwall photos and have no idea when I will be able to post new ones :o( So old ones only for the time being, or none at all (and I think that would be a shame!).

  • Dappled glade

    Parque de El Capricho, Madrid suburbs. Almost English looking! For a few weeks in late spring and early summer, parks in Madrid do look quite English!

  • Rock pool (best on full screen)

    Between Greenbank Cove and Basset Cove, North Cliffs, Cornwall. Definitely a favourite of mine!

  • Climbers on Pico de La Miel

    Sierra de La Cabrera. Granite country.

  • Rosehips and granite

    An August shot, judging by the haws. I don't remember how hot it was but it would have been H.O.T.!

  • H. A. N. W. E. everyone! Towanroath pumping engine house at Wheal Coates tin mine, Cornwall (suggest OK on large, z, full screen, etc)

    St Agnes Heritage Coast.

  • Mountain stream over granite (taken exactly 5 years ago).

    La Sierra de La Cabrera. Best on full screen.

  • HFF everyone! (after posting, I realised I got the wrong day!! So easy to do in lockdown! Doh!) Arriving at Santander.

    The Plymouth - Santander ferry (returning to Spain after my most recent visit home to Cornwall 2 years ago).

  • Wild lupin

    I know I posted another one recently and this same one a few months ago, but I missed them this year so here it is again! (I didn't think you´d mind!)

  • Rock window, Sierra de La Cabrera

    Granite rock window. Overlooking the Valley of Bustarviejo. This was taken on 25 May, last year. I haven't walked anywhere in the Sierra since. Please take my word for it; this is a true rock window - I just couldn't quite get all four walls in the shot.…

  • A Madrid park in early summer

    Almost an English woodland glade! Parque de El Capricho, Madrid suburbs.

  • Autumn

    Herrería Woods and San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Can you spot the smoke from the forester's fire?

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