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Las Agujas de El Cancho Gordo

25 May 2019 42 48 70
Sierra de La Cabrera granite forms. This was in May 2019, the last time I walked in these mountains. Best on large.

Sunlit storm cloud. (Best on full screen).

02 Jul 2022 45 39 98
A strange situation; over the mountains and into Segovia Province, they had a succession of storms all day while we had unrelenting blue skies. Only late evening, as I relaxed with a glass of something alright, did I see the storm clouds and the edges caught by the rapidly sinking sun.

H. A. N. W. E. Everyone! Sunrise from the house.

30 Jun 2022 43 48 92
Another of my sister's shots. I think I can now gracefully retire! Best on full screen.

HFF, everyone!

23 Jun 2022 62 73 139
Just a few yards down our street where can be found better views of the Sierra de Guadarrama. My sister's shot.

Golden glow from ripening barley and fig tree fore…

27 Jun 2022 52 55 115
Another shot of the view from the garden. I reckon the figs will be ripe in about a month ("sooner than that" says my brother-in-law and he will probably be right; I was thinking of my 4 fig trees in my London garden years ago!).

The back of the house (top 1/3 only) - directly be…

27 Jun 2022 66 82 141
The previous shot of the steps was about 20 feet away from this shot, There are three tiers to the house at the back and only one at the front as it is situated on this steep slope.

Local steps near the house ... and no bench, even…

27 Jun 2022 53 78 123
I try to do these steps at least twice a day as part of my rehabillitation programme, and today I can proudly relate that I didn't have to stop for a breather once, for the first time! It may look easy but there are 98 steps and try doing it in the height of a Spanish summer! And only 2 months ago I was reliant on my walker / zimmer frame! So Isabel, bring on those mountains! :o) Just because I like it!

Mandevilla, Dipladenia or Brazillian Jasmine.

26 Jun 2022 55 57 126
Parked near the front gate, I didn't really notice this container shrub until it burst forth with these large white flowers! In answer to many members' questions about the aroma, I refer to my reply to Peggy below! And for a definitive answer, please see Valeriane's comment below too!

Hell's Mouth. H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

09 Aug 2018 55 66 126
Another one from this place. The last one was from my sister this year. I've not yet been here in foul weather but can imagine the despair and terror of those ships' crews driven ashore here - and they were, in their thousands!

HFF everyone! (Tuscany or Central Spain? - see not…

22 Jun 2022 62 83 158
Difficult to see but the harvest was taking place and the distant hum of the combine harvesters kept going until well past 11 pm every day this past week. My niece (whose home this is of course, although she has been a doctor on Lanzarote these past 5 years) says this view reminds her of Tuscany (she studied medicine on an Erasmus couse a decade or so ago in Florence, so she should know!). Except that ... the world famous impression that Tuscany is full of poplars is quite wrong! This only came about because of a famous photo of an aristocratic estate where the owner had decided to have poplars planted on his lane leading uphill to his palacio. The photo became popular, the rest is history .. and a misconception!

Valdemanco beehives

29 Dec 2011 56 67 146
These beehives were stolen too often and so the villagers move them to a different location every few years. Here it is not on any path and when I chatted with the bar owner later he was a bit put out that I had found them! (The next time I came this way, maybe a couple of months later, they had been moved once more!).

Calima clearing

19 Jun 2022 52 58 136
My brother-in-law's pride and joy - part of his fruit and veg garden. The mountains could be seen on the horizon for the first time in a week as the Saharan dust cloud (calima) began to disperse. I don't think Percy Grainger quite had this sort of garden in mind, but you never know! I've been told that the ripening corn in the fields is wheat and barley. These were the poppy fields of years past (a few photos scattered through my album), but the modern farmer needs to maximise yield and poppies play no part in his thinking. Full screen please.

Porthcadjack Cove at low tide.

07 Jun 2011 50 48 144
Samphire and Asparagus Islands from Carvannel Downs, South west Peninsula Coast Path. Taken 11 years ago and it seems like yesterday! I see this was taken on my first day back from my first year teaching in Madrid. It had been a tough but rewarding year and as there were no classes from June to early September (therefore no earnings), I went on the dole back in Cornwall. I wasn't able to pull that trick in following years, so this was the last (and come to think of it, first!) 3 month summer holiday I had!

Rocky Mountain Way. H. A. N. W. E. everyone!

01 May 2012 41 31 144
Granite everywhere in the Sierra de La Cabrera! Best on full screen. I`ve never been the greatest Eagles fan but have always liked this one from Joe Walsh.

HFF everyone - and more venerable olive trees!

09 Jun 2022 53 94 167
A local park. I've taken similar shots before as the railings and trees seem to go well together!

Misery! Calima strikes again!

15 Jun 2022 42 52 129
Calima:- Saharan dust storm. What should have been a glorious, if hot, day totally ruined by what has become a far too frequent occurance! The temperature was 39ºC so not even any let up from the heat! Miserable indeed! For the complete gloomy effect, best on full screen!


10 May 2022 51 76 156
Growing by the path down the side of the house. An attractive flower.

North Cornish Coast at Crane Castle, North Cliffs.

19 Aug 2011 52 39 149
This floral foreground is no longer there but was swept away by coastal erosion sometime between 2012 and 2014. Google Maps has a sign for a castle at this place. The "castle" is one rampart of an iron age fort, Crane Castle, 95% of which is now under the waves. What's left are the inland ramparts!

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