All photos with Andy Rodker

Cistus ladanifer, Estevas

Added on 16 Feb 2020

Bonne fête aux Papas **********Bon dimanche !

Added on 16 Jun 2019

Rien ne saurait plus effacer Le souvenir de ton passage

Added on 29 Apr 2019

Pedraza door

Added on 27 Feb 2019

Je vous offre une rose Je la dépose sur les terres de notre amitié

Added on 21 Feb 2019

Il faut faire comme si le néant était un tout Je résiste au ressac qui bouillonne au loin

Added on 10 Feb 2019

Nos oiseaux perdus dans la tempête

Added on 01 Feb 2019

Pour Andy ! les autres aussi loll

Added on 20 Jul 2018

Bon we à tous !

Added on 20 Jul 2018

Bon Dimanche et bonne fête aux papas .......!

Added on 17 Jun 2018

Yours truly, having remembered his hat and sun cream this time!

Added on 16 May 2018

.. the signing bench downtown

Added on 09 Feb 2018

A happy bunch

Added on 26 Jan 2018

Bosigran. Climbing cliff face and mine ruins. (best on full screen). I saw the mist coming in unexpectedly and so took this shot quickly! 20 Minutes later and I was driving away with lights on full beam!

Added on 29 Aug 2017

Guess who the silly prat was who forgot his gloves?

Added on 28 May 2017

Skye. September 1978. On the Cuillin Ridge

Added on 04 Nov 2016