Ponies on Treaga Hill. Nature's lawnmowers in action!

St Agnes, North Cliffs and Godrevy coasts

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More Coastal erosion

01 Aug 2012 16 18 264
at Treaga Hill, Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath, Cornwall

Greenbank Cove, Cornwall. For Pam.

01 Sep 2011 40 49 348
The water was at its brilliant best. You can just about make out the path to the beach, in front of me - going to the left and round the spiny bush. Not much frequented and its steeper sections mean a beach mercifully free from the hordes. They can stay in Devon!

Heather, gorse and bracken. Crane Castle

15 Aug 2014 17 23 316
Crane Castle, an iron age defensive site. This has almost all succumbed to coastal erosion except for this bulwark which is on the cliff edge now but was built as the inner, landward, rampart.

Waves at Tubby's Head

24 Jul 2012 60 70 473
Tubby's Head, Cornwall

A long way down!! I

24 Jul 2012 19 33 409
Tubby's Head, Cornwall


29 Aug 2012 19 23 305
Taken from Navrax Point, more or less into the sun.

Porthcadjack from the crest of Samphire Island. As…

12 Aug 2012 33 45 359
Now you can see the path down to the cove. And no, you don't just get to the end of the grassy section and dive in!

Just grass (bracken and gorse and a little bit of…

25 Aug 2011 11 15 209
Reskajeage Downs, Cornwall

Greenbank Cove

04 Aug 2012 38 37 429
The path down to the cove can just be made out here among the flower spikes. My usual coastal walk and scramble / rock hop goes past Crane Islands, Basset cove and to Porthcadjack seen in the distance with its Asparagus and Samphire Islands and enormous sea cave.

Coastal erosion

01 Aug 2012 20 20 295
More erosion at Treaga Hill, Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath. I didn't stay here too long (although I was standing on solid granite, I couldn't be too sure what, if anything, lay beneath it!).)

Porthcadjack waterfall taken from the beach.

04 Aug 2012 20 22 229
Depending on rainfall patterns, this can be a raging torrent or a drop a minute but this is about average.

Basset Cove to Porthcadjack. Part of my low tide w…

19 Aug 2011 13 17 325
It is possible, after much debate (and the jury is still out), that the islands from left to right are Asparagus and Samphire Islands (although not actually islands at low tide!).

Porthcadjack with Asparagus and Samphire Islands.

14 Aug 2014 31 34 366
A little further distant, Crane Islands and in the far distance, Godrevy Island and Lighthouse. This is taken directly above the sea cave, shown a few shots back.

Ralph's Cupboard.

14 Aug 2014 30 44 539
Coastal Erosion at Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath, Cornwall. Not the cleverest place to stand and take a shot, I grant you! Not much time left: www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/ipernity-members-association-a-non-profit-entity/x/16256307

Ponies on Treaga Hill. Nature's lawnmowers in acti…

18 Jul 2014 42 42 341
Treaga Hill, Ralph's Cupboard, Portreath, Cornwall and Shetland (I think) Ponies!

Porthcadjack from Carvannel Downs

18 Jul 2014 19 16 208
Samphire and Asparagus Islands, Porthcadjack with heather and gorse, from the South West Peninsula Coast Path, Cornwall..

Steep path down to Tubby's Head

20 Jul 2012 25 25 325
This path is steeper than it looks here. Fun going down but care needed. And a slog coming back!

Porthcadjack at very low tide (taken from either A…

04 Aug 2012 18 18 261
I could only get this shot of the main feature at Porthcadjack (its sea cave) because of the very low tide! Maybe a twice a year event. By the way, the path down to the cove is seen directly opposite. It is easy but you wouldn't guess it from this vantage point!

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