Jeff Farley's photos

  • Joe Joe.

    A touching tribute on a memorial seat on the Grand Western Canal at Tiverton in Devon. Have a great week.

  • Looking for a suitable Winters residence.

    Taken a few days ago on my garden shed. The butterfly is a Peacock.

  • As rare as hen's teeth.

    Seen on a coach trip near Wareham yesterday. HFF and have a great weekend.

  • Small Copper enjoying the Bowles Mauve.

    In the garden a few weeks ago.

  • Large Bumble on Hebe.

    Yet another shot from the garden. Have a great week.

  • The Admirals seat.

    Another shot from our garden a couple of weeks ago. The butterfly is a Red Admiral and the flower is a Dahlia. Have a great weekend to all my visitors.

  • Verbenas vital vitamins.

    In the garden a few days ago.

  • Up and under.

    Taken at Knightshayes Court, Devon a few weeks ago. Have a great week.

  • The long wait.

    My HFF for today. This is Weymouth sea front and a view of the Punch and Judy puppet show kiosk.

  • Peacock on Dahlia. A picture for Pam.

    Taken a few days ago in our garden.

  • High on nectar.

    Looking up at a Peacock butterfly feasting on a Dahlia.

  • Dahlia dinner.

    In the garden today. Have a good week.

  • Peacock butterfly on Buddleia.

    In our garden a couple of days ago. HANWE.

  • Watch the birdie.

    HFF and a very good weekend to all my visitors. This was taken a Bickleigh in Devon last week. The bird is a heron.

  • Casting reflections.

    Taken at Knightshayes Court Gardens a week ago. I have put a tilt on the pic so that the water won't run out of the pond !!!!

  • Honey bee and hoverfly on colchicum autumnale.

    This was taken at Knightshayes Court gardens a few days ago. The flower is often known as an Autumn Crocus but is much larger than the Spring variety. Have a splendid week to all my visitors.

  • Looking East at Sidmouth.

    HFF from Sidmouth seafront. Picture taken this week. Have a great weekend.

  • Mid fall fishing.

    Taken today on the river Exe at Bickleigh near Tiverton, Devon. I did not see this heron actually catch anything but it provided me with this opportunity.

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