• Around the rock

  • Cove


  • Danger zone

    See PiP. This is where I was when I turned to take the PiP shot, started to back up and remembered where I was standing! Sorry about the terrible light in these shots.

  • Cove

    Terrible light, sorry!

  • Point St. George

  • Breaker

  • Beach from a cliff

  • Calm surf

  • Enderts Beach

    No, I absolutely did not climb down there. It's 200 ft. straight down.

  • Seafoam

  • Diane's Beach ;-)

    Battery Point lighthouse in the distance. At low tide in summer, people can walk across a sand spit on the left and tour it. Photo from my LG phone...not great.

  • Klamath River, California

    The source of this river is about 20 miles north of where I live in Oregon.

  • Sand bar, mouth of Klamath River

    On the other side of that is the ocean.

  • Yurok man

    He could be a fisherman, or could be a researcher. The Yurok Tribe has extensive environmental programs involving the fish, wildlife, watershed and general environment of their tribal lands in northwestern California. www.yuroktribe.org

  • Mouth of Klamath River, California

    The Klamath River begins north of Klamath Falls, Oregon, makes its way through northern California and flows out to sea on the right of this shot. It was interesting to be here, because I live very near the source of the Klamath River. The Yurok and othe…

  • Rocks, wood, sea

    This is a nostalgic beach for me. I was born in the old hospital that used to be on the bluff right above this beach! Many, many, many years ago...and the first time I have really seen the beach! On EXPLORE.

  • Beach kids

  • It's rough down there

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