Remains of burned mill

Industrial Zone Vol. 2

Remains of burned mill

02 Nov 2017 2 381
Hambro particle board manufacturer burned down in 2013. The biggest collection of rust I've ever seen in one place.

Big rust

17 Dec 2018 3 4 305
Hambro particle board manufacturer burned down in 2013. It was an enormous fire and surprising that the forest behind it didn't ignite. The newspaper article (link, next photo) stated that most of the mill was built of wood. Add piles of sawdust and that's a fire just waiting to start. I read elsewhere that in "the old days" of the lumber industry mill fires were common and usually burned them to the ground. Some mills burned again after being rebuilt. A snippet of the fire:

Seen through a fence

09 Dec 2018 5 2 315
The Hambro mill burned down in 2013. Most of the buildings were made of wood, and this rusty metal remains.

Let's go farming

I broke my Mars Rover

Boiler, or something

02 Nov 2017 8 4 449
Maybe a pizza oven.

The rack of electricity

Off to the north

Bomb Squad

04 Feb 2018 3 2 394
Re-working of a previously uploaded image.

Loading dock

03 Mar 2019 4 7 288
I keep telling myself to quit taking pictures with my phone, but I don't listen. Every roof line is cattywampus, every foundation is cattywampus, each at a different angle.

Entering the P.O.

Pyramid at the P.O.

Industrial grey

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