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Looking back

Looking back
Eating my first hamburger in about three years. Today, I went into a store (Bi-Mart) for the first time in one year. I was so excited I couldn't think of anything useful to buy. I chatted with another lady about my age who was thrilled that she had gotten her first salon haircut in over a year. Hooray for vaccines!

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 Gabi Lombardo
Gabi Lombardo club
wish you the best for your next shopping day ;-)))
2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Gabi Lombardo club
Thank you, Gabi! I will be prepared next time. ;-)
13 days ago.
Léopold club
I wish you the very best to come Diane because in Quebec, this is hell and the worst is yet to come.
2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Léopold club
I've just read about it. That means it is on the way to us. Right now it's in Michigan. The UK variant, I believe. Next will be the Brazilian variant - or was it the South African?
13 days ago.
Léopold club
has replied to Diane Putnam club
I would dare to state that Mickey Mouse variant is next.
13 days ago.
polytropos club
So you've already been vaccinated?

But be careful! "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear!" :-)
2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to polytropos club
Yes - haha! Thanks for the reminder. I am still careful even after the 2-week quarantine period.
13 days ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club

I like this shot Diane..............good use of selective colour.

Glad to hear you've been vaccinated!
2 weeks ago. Edited 2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Keith Burton club
Thanks, Keith! It's a big relief. How about you?
13 days ago.
Keith Burton club
has replied to Diane Putnam club
Jackie and I had our first jabs back in February..........we have our 2nd ones on 11th May. Light at the end of the tunnel :-)
12 days ago.
 Rosalyn Hilborne
Rosalyn Hilborne club
Well done Diane! I've had my two now and it feels good!
The burger must have tasted extra good ;-))
2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Rosalyn Hilborne club
Hah - well, it was kind of awful, ruined by that icky American processed cheese which melts into a gluey substance. I don't remember it being that awful - maybe they are using another brand made of actual glue! But, the bacon was delicious, thank goodness I ordered a "Bacon Burger."
13 days ago.
Leon_Vienna club
Every morning, when I look into the mirror (mostly it's the only time a day, I do so), I am looking into past. I had my last haircut in October last year - meanwhile it seems I was jumping out of a timemachine. From the 80's straight to 2021 ... I had my first vaccine, and a burger the other day, too. But no haircut yet. :-)
And, I am afraid, I lost my abillity for shopping - what I won't complain about.

Your picture, by the way, is great ... and yummy a bit, too.
2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Leon_Vienna club
Thank you, Leon! I know what you mean about the time machine feeling. I finally cut my hair myself, which I used to do for many years until my eyesight got bad. It got so bad I did not care how terrible it looked after cutting, so I went snip-whack-snip-whack. Very short, but somewhat presentable.

In my time machine I also see my mother, sometimes my grandfather, but it has nothing to do with Covid-19. ;-)
13 days ago.
slgwv club
We used to have a Bi-Mart card-- ;)
2 weeks ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to slgwv club
When I went there I didn't even have to dig for my card. The door and the gate were wide open and I was given a big welcome. I guess they're thrilled to see more than a few customers again!
13 days ago.
 Jean Paul Capdeville
Jean Paul Capdeville club
Heureux pour vous Diane.Ici, nous sommes encore confinés.(en principe jusqu'à fin Avril) Les vaccins se font mais trop lentement selon moi. L'organisation semble cohérente maintenant mais les vaccins ne sont pas toujours disponibles.Pour ma part, j'ai eu ma 1er injection, j'attends la 2eme. Les personnes de plus de 55 ans sont tous vaccinés, je pense (Ceux qui l'ont souhaité) ainsi que les professions à risque. Pour les plus jeunes je suppose qu'il faudra attendre la fin de l'été pour que ce soit terminé. Moi, ce qui me manque le plus, c'est d'aller au cinéma (avant de manger le hamburger ou l'équivalent) J'aime beaucoup votre photo. Bon Dimanche à vous. jean Paul
12 days ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Jean Paul Capdeville club
There is some discussion here about sharing our vaccine with our friends who are having a shortage. Ontario is having a terrible crisis and that will surely spread to other Canadian provinces. Oregon and other US states had a disorganized and slow start, too, now we are down to just the people who are refusing to be vaccinated. I hope they change their minds, because if they don't this virus will never die out. It will just keep mutating. I worry about the world's hospital workers, who are under such awful stress. They could simply start giving up and leave their jobs.

I am happy to have my vaccines and will definitely get as many as recommended by scientists!

Jean Paul, you are French. You will certainly have better food than a hamburger, eh? Haha!
4 days ago. Edited 4 days ago.
 L. L. Wall
L. L. Wall club
... nicely worked contrast between the colored and B&W parts ... and just an attractive perspective ...

two weeks past my 2nd vaxx, so I guess I've got full complement of antibodies: therefore been hugging my kids and grandsons for first time in 13 months ... actually went into grocery store too, instead of delivery (remarkable nowadays that situation is even worthy of a comment) ... no commercial burgers yet tho' ...
5 days ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to L. L. Wall club
I am finding that I have a sort of residual fear of public places, something I read about not long ago. Not quite agoraphobia, but I don't exactly seek it out, either. I don't quite trust my teenaged grandchildren enough to hug them, yet, but I sit on the couch with them. My grandson is supposed to get his soon, as he's 17. I believe my granddaughter is also eligible, she's 14. (Yes, weird times in every way!) Thanks very much, Wally!
4 days ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Lovely reflections.
Have a nice week ahead.
3 days ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Jaap van 't Veen club
Thank you so much for your visit, Jaap!
2 days ago.

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