In my opinion
Regarding Ipernity’s decision to consider the possibly somewhere in the future to delete groups who use “Optional “text only “ or “text and graphic icons” for commenting purposes and graphic icon’s for invitations to the group because ipernity consider that this as spam. Also importantly keeping in mind that none of the groups concerned ( to the best of my knowledge) do not make it compulsory to use these options and so allows choice’s to members of groups to choose their own individual preferences. In all honestly I feel you can’t ask for fairer then that. Lastly for those who really don’t like any of the above considerations have the option of not joining these groups.
I consider Ipernity to be totally wrong to consider deleting these groups.
Well first I would like to explain that in my opinion their interpretation SPAM is in error.
Spam is best known and described. Below and is the generally accepted understanding of what spam really is.
“Spam is most often considered to be electronic junk mail or junk newsgroup postings. Some people define spam even more generally as any unsolicited email. However, if a long-lost brother finds your email address and sends you a message, this could hardly be called spam, even though it is unsolicited. Real spam is generally email advertising for some product sent to a mailing list or newsgroup.” Spam is also unsolicited emails to con people into various and dubious investment cons.
So there is not relationship to spam in this issue.
Regards Tess.
alert found in Ring of Excellence.