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Sunday February 16, 2014 at 10:09AMTess Mc Kenna says:

Hi Lea
You continue to ban any link back such as “seen in” “optional text codes” or “small graphics” saying that they are “Promoting Groups” and therefore in your opinion this is SPAM. As said before there is no point in having groups in Ipernity if there is no link back or any kind. Banning the above optional link backs has led to many groups closing and individual members leaving Ipernity.
You propose to allow “Suggest A Goup” as a suitable remedy for the above. . You have come closer to allowing group promotion and therefore Spam by introducing this proposal because I and any member can just suggest groups without ever visiting the group to share images within the group, or and commenting on images within the group
I fail to understand what it is you hope to achieve with your new proposal. I do however understand how we have arrived to this sad and sorry point. It started with your interpretation or what SPAM really means Link backs are not SPAM (as you have been told by many. . They are simply only an acknowledgement of where an image was viewed. This was welcome to the majority including myself. For those who don’t like link backs you have provided many options to please them. ( Including the delete comment option)
Failure on your part to address these issues with viable solutions, have reduced the Iperntiy into a shambles. You have in effect started an exodus from Ipernity. You are putting nails in your own coffin. So in the end It will for the majority of members. IPERNITY RIP.
Like many I feel like I am talking to a brick wall when trying to get some interest from Ipernity to listen to the majority. But I can’t help trying
Regards Tess
PS In Ireland when we use the phrase "You are putting nails in your own coffin" is intended to meant "you are leading your own road on your own self distrution." I only explain this because it was taken up differently than intended. Different Counties have their own expressions and therefore can lead to misunderstanding. I appreciate that as a fact.