I decided to show you unprocessed shots: I'm too lazy to process them all and I'm trying to have a more direct approach to photography. From now on, my travel to Tuscany will come to you straight from the camera. I feel a little bit as "naked" showing you how many shots I fail, but I think this is also an instructive activity to look at how an amateur like me tries to document his experiences. All comments and critiques are welcome, as always.

We arrived in Massa Marittima in the evening of April 30th, after five hours of travel (Senigallia, Foligno, Perugia, Siena, Massa Marittima) to avoid motion sickness to our children.

It was our 13th wedding anniversary and our host, Ilaria, is one of our wedding witnesses.

I never went to Massa Marittima before and the first image I saw was the Cathedral place:

I've seen a lot of Italian towns, but Massa is a very peculiar one: as I said before, the church isn't aligned with the main street (as you can see from the third shot). The building on the right is the Palazzo del Podestà, from the Medieval Communes Age (XIII century).

Ilaria lives in a old flat she restructured and you can see the travertin ruins of the foundations of a medieval church incapsulated inside her walls:

I was so fascinated by the vision I had arriving and the next morning I woke up before my family and I went wandering through Massa, with Ilaria as guide:

  • through the alleys

MG 1906 MG 1907 MG 1908

  • the Cathedral

MG 1909 MG 1910 MG 1911 MG 1912

  • details of the Cathedral

MG 1913 MG 1914 MG 1916 MG 1919 MG 1934 MG 1930 MG 1931 MG 1926 MG 1927

  • details of Palazzo del Vescovo

MG 1917 MG 1932 MG 1935 MG 1936 MG 1937 MG 1928

  • Palazzo del Podestà

MG 1925 MG 1921

  • Palazzo del Comune

MG 1922 MG 1923 MG 1924      

  • Cathedral seen from the Fonte dell'Abbondanza (with painting representing San Bernardino da Siena, a Massa native)

  MG 1938 MG 1939 MG 1940 MG 1941 MG 1943 MG 1944 MG 1945 MG 1947

  • Fonte dell'Abbondanza

MG 1949 MG 1950 MG 1951 MG 1952

  • one of the City Gates

MG 1953

  • alleys

MG 1954 MG 1955 MG 1956 MG 1957 MG 1958

  • another of the City Gates

MG 1959 MG 1960 MG 1962

  • Torre del Candeliere (and the bridge joining it to the Senese Defensive Walls, a miracle of engineering)

MG 1961 MG 1963 MG 1964 MG 1965 MG 1966 MG 1967

  • insiede a City Gate

MG 1968 MG 1969

  • Defensive Walls (10 seconds of difference between the shots, but the bikers I captured in the first shot makes the difference)

MG 1970 MG 1971

  • view of the country form Seminario Vescovile

MG 1973

  • Seminario Vescovile

MG 1974 MG 1975

About photography: as you can see I prefer to shot in B/W when I'm not in full light, I usually bracket and slowly change my point of view.