I had a little time to dedicate to Ipernity this week, but the quality of the shots I saw is amazing and the RSS feds help very much...


A wonderful mix of techniques in this shot by Manolo:
"Globspeguloj" by Manolo [?]

Roland make wonderful shots, but this time he made me feel between the clouds:
"The Outbreak" by Roland W. Lüthi [?]

He is no more so present on Ipernity, but sometimes Verisimo gives us marvelous gifts, as this beautiful tribute:
"Angel González (In Memoriam)" by Verisimo [?]

I love Jake slideshows and his wonderful minimals:
"aquas8960" by Ojisanjake [?]

A very soft image by our talented friend Elisa:

"...after..." by Pippina [?]

Lots of beautiful bridges and flying seagulls, but Ingo managed to make a great composition and capture a dreamy moment:

"seagulls" by IJU [?]


We already know its mastery at capturing drops and colours; a magnificent macro by Kees:

"follow the leader" by Kees Smans [?]

Another masterful and sexy capture of light and shadows by Robin:

"Voices in unison .." by Robin Banks [?]


Last but not least: I fell in love with fog and Gabriel captured a dreamy image, made of natural blur and reflections:


"C312318" by Gabriel Michel - John Murdock [?]