For those of you looking for FuN & gAmEs, there is a new group to try:

Challenges - Défis - Sfide



A main statement:

  • This is a game. not a competition: the only prize is the


How to propose a challenge theme:

  • Open a new discussion; the title with [PROPOSAL] plus the theme of the challenge (example: Man in red)
  • In the first post give a description on the challenge (in our example it can be: Shot of men dressed in red female dresses)

What happens next:

  • Every member can join the discussion to clarify the theme
  • Every member can join the challenge

How to join a challenge:

  • The first to join will add a post writing CHALLENGERS: followed by his name
  • The followings will add new posts, adding their name to the list of the previous challengers

How to start a challenge:

  • When the list of the challengers on a [PROPOSAL] has 5 names, the challenge starts
  • One of the five challengers or the author of the proposal will add a new topic
  • The title of the new topic will be [CHALLENGE] plus the name of the challenge plus [POSTING TIL <date>]
  • Please: try to give different deadlines for the different challenges
  • NOTE: all the members can take part to the challenges, not only the five challengers

What to post:

  • In my opinion the only rule would be: the shot have to be made after the challenge is started (please: be fair!)
  • The best judge of the respect of the challenge theme will be voters


  • Voting will be open when the posting deadline is reached
  • The challenge title have to be modified accordingly, from [POSTING ...] to [VOTING ...]
  • The winner have right to post her shot to the pool and decide a new theme