For those of you looking for FuN & gAmEs, there is a new group to try:





Orginal idea from bigoode! Thanks for the great idea of this duel game :-))
(we played in blog from bigoode when there were no groups and it whas great fun)

Each player must first be a group member to become a moderator, only moderators can play the "Duel" (as moderator you can edit and close the duel thread)

Two ways to play:

1. Post a picture in one of the free duel threads and challenge ..
2. Accept a challenge ..

How to play:
A duel is always between TWO players

One player starts a duel and challenges a player by posting the first picture or accepting a challenge
(example : player one start with the first picture, then player two posts a second picture, then player one again etc.. until each player has posted three pictures)
Please players number each picture 1 to 6.
Duel pictures have to be related!

The player who posts the last picture #6 edits the top from the thread with the words "voting open"

To vote, choose your two favourite pictures out of the six posted.

Voting will end after 20 members have voted, please count the votes yourselves and announce the winner.

The two players count the votes after 20 member votes and the winner post the winner picture again under the votes and close the thread,also edit the top from the thread with the word "closed"

ps ..if it's ex aequo.... start again ( 20 votes) with only THE TWO WINNERS pictures to vote for !

the winner post the winner picture to the group pool

each player vote also in the open duels (not your own) and group members do the rest :-)

Good fight and have some .. LOL :-)