I'm asking it to my self and the answer is always affirmative.

So I decided to give to myself a sort of leave of absence. I'll continue to visit Ipernity, but I will limit myself to a maximum of an hour a day, dedicated to uloading and viewing shots.

In the meantime, having received only a response to my inquiry for co-admins and moderators, I decided anti-democratically and in a totalitary way to choose between my more trustworthy friends (people known for their seriousity as Bigoode ;-) ) one or more admins for each of my groups.

They can do anything an admin can do in my absence, but they haven't no obligation to be fast nor seriuos nor impartial (Anthony, pleeeeeease, do remember the 12.5% on rake-offs over invitations you promised me: LOL).

Thank you very much for all your attention and support and take care,



P.S. Tonino BeGood Beddo, don't forget my relatives in the Sicilian Family...