As the title says... How NOT to organise your Albums !!!

My Internet connection at best is awful. Its supposed to be fibre optic broad band.

However.. out here in the sticks the ISP is 300% OVERsubscribed and it often slower than dial up ! On a good day I might get 1Mbps !

Last night I tried to move photos from one Album to another to better the collections ... well I part suceeded.. but because of the (not very intuative) way its done on this site I was struggling a little.. THEN managed to part delete the photos from both albums because the connection was hanging.

The language wasnt pretty.What upset me more was that I had then lost the comments folk had so kindly made as well. I also know those added to my groups will have also vanished.

I have reloaded what I could remember but please forgive if you are seeing photos again in some cases.

I havent reloaded to the Groups.. thats stuff just gone

The connection was so slow and bad last night I couldnt even load this typing box to write this. At 2am I just threw the towel in and hoped to be able to explain the repeats today.

This morning.. for a fleeting time.. I have a better connection.

So.. again.... apologies .... if you think you have seen some of the pics before... and commented.. its because you have.!!

Beware the photo organiser on a slow connection !