More Ice ... No new pictures today and unlike the picture of my old Chevy ... the day was bright and sunny and such a rare thing for late December. I originally planned to get my old Chevy out and load it full of tree branches which I've been meaning to cut, but I ended up making a couple of runs to the local Pull-A-Part yard for some new wheels. I noticed last night someone had decided they needed the spare tire from my old Chevy more than I did and ran off with it. The spare tire and wheel had been bumping around in the bed of that truck for some 20 years now and I'd been thinking about replacing the tire even though it still held air. I'm not sure I'd wanted to go tooling down the interstate with it ... even in an emergency! The picture below is from the days when the truck served as a soil sampling tool truck and it is equiped as a Soil Sampling in Bartholomew County heavy duty 3/4 ton to haul all the weight of the soil probe. The soil probe is mounted on a newer truck now, but the old Chevy still hauls some pretty heavy loads when needed. The heavy duty 3/4 ton eight lug wheels are a little harder to find in the Pull-A-Part yard, but I finally found a late model van with the right wheels. Two of the van wheels had some fairly new tires mounted on them and I bought the pair and installed them on the old Chevy. The wheels and tires were only $40 for the pair and pretty good deal I think. I'd been needing to buy a couple of tires for it, but a pair for that truck normally runs nearly $500. I actually prefer to drive the rusty old beast, but I use about half as much gas during my normal commute driving the S-10. and so it sits until the next time I need it. I don't know whether to cuss, or thank the guy who stole my spare tire, but I figure they will get their just desert with that 20 year old tire!