Since my first visit to Fort Lauderdale in January 2004, whenever I'm Fort Lauderdale my partner and I make a point to lunch at Casablanca Cafe which located at 3049 Alhambra Street provides an excellent view of the Fort Lauderdale Beach, Atlantic Boulevard / Promenade and the Atlantic Ocean.

And the food is excellent as well.  While the prices may, at first, appear a bit high, the portions, quality and presentation more than 'fit the bill'.  And, if you visit during the off-season from mid April through early November, you can order two for one lunches but you must also add 20% gratuity.

When there on the 23 July 2008 I ordered the Gazpacho Frio Soup as an appetizer and a Chicken Quesadilla for the main.  With a preference for seafood, my partner ordered Calamari Fritti and a Ceasar Salad.  While he managed to finish off both his dishes, my portions were so hugh, after eating less than 1/2 of my second course, I requested that the remaining of my quesadilla be 'doggy bagged'.

With a preference for seafood, my partner usually orders salmon, grouper, lobster or calamari.  He also enjoys the lamb dish.  As well as most items on the lunch menu.

Not one for seafood, in particular, finned-fish while I have enjoyed the Casablanca Cafe's crab cake ,,, I have tried and enjoyed most of the other items on the lunch menu.  And have never been disappointed.

So, when in Fort Lauderdale ... it is my suggestion that you and a friend lunch or dine at Casablanca Cafe.

The food is excellent.  And so is the view!