Yesterday I finally saw The Dark Knight; Great movie! I know, big surprise eh? There probably won't be anything else new in this review that you haven't heard before, as I think it's such a solid movie that most people liked the same things, found the same flaw(s) (yes there is at least 1 in my opinion), and had the same reliefs. Anyway, here it goes...

There's big buzz about Heath Ledger's performance, and rightly so. He did an incredible job, but there's was a great supporting cast as well. Gary Oldman and Araon Eckhart also shone. I can't quite say the same for Christian Bale. He's still the second best Batman I've seen on the big screen, and the best Bruce Wayne I've ever seen, but his Batman voice was annoying. A welcome change was to see Maggie Gyllenhaal brought in to replace Katie Holmes, who was simply awful in the previous movie.

The story was great, and made the situation seem very realistic. I liked how Batman and Gordon did have a working relationship. There were of course a few over the top moments, but the plausibility of how all the characters played off each other seemed like that's how it would play out if it were real life. The whole thing felt very grounded (relatively speaking, for a super-hero movie).

I did not, however, experience one phenomenon that others claim they felt. The one where you think the movie is about to end, but then it keeps going. When I thought the end was coming up... it did.

Something else I loved was "the sound". They is a slow-build sound that starts playing whenever the Joker is about to go ape-s***. It's awesome. This was an extremely well done movie, and although I'll say it's not taking the title of my favourite movie of all time, it's without a doubt the best movie I've seen this year.