This month's theme question is "Do you start your holiday stitching this early? If so, what do you hope to accomplish this year?"

In the past, I have done holiday ornaments (I can decorate two Christmas trees with the ornaments I have made in the last decade or two), and I have made two or three gifts (for people that I KNOW will appreciate the theme and the work that went into producing the item) in that same time period, but, as a rule, I don't do holiday stitchery. I don't stitch well to schedule and I have few people on my gift list that I feel would appreciate a handmade gift.

So what do I hope to accomplish this year? Maybe a dozen beaded ornaments (which have as their primary purpose meeting the monthly goals of the Bead Journal Project Challenge). Other than that, nothing holiday related at all!

Since last Wipocalypse, my stitchery included:
  • The Tracy Horner RYO mandala SAL, where I have started the outline for "Bride"
  • The Elizabeth Almond "Save the Stitches" SAL, where I have outlined blocks 10 and 11
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday - Beaded Vandyke and Bullion Vandyke
  • June Crazy Quilt Block Project Challenge - completed
  • June Bead Journal Project atc/ornament - completed

I also took my traveling needlepoint project, "Palm Tree Elegance" on our road trip and managed to get in a scant number of stitches.
And I purchased a small kit "Biltmore" to pass the time on bus tours which also has a few stitches (one page of four, one color) done.

I had two completions from earlier this year framed and entered them along with two form late 2013 in the upcoming county fair.

Still a WIP and fast approaching UDO status is the Funk and Weber hemstitching class which has been totally ignored.

So, for this next month, my to-do list includes
  • The Tracy Horner RYO mandala SAL - the outline for "Bride"
  • The Elizabeth Almond "Save the Stitches" SAL - the fill stitches in blocks 10 and 11, ( blocks 12 and 13 are printed out and need to be outlined and filled as well)
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday - Stitches 117 through 120 are now printed but not stitches, and there will surely be more coming
  • July Crazy Quilt Block Project Challenge - gridded and fabrics chosen. I am also sewing together the Jan through June blocks and investigating further seam treatments on assembled rows...
  • June Bead Journal Project atc/ornament - sketched and beads chosen

"Palm Tree Elegance" is back in the traveling bag. "Biltmore" MAY come out but I need to identify some of the threads before I proceed.

The Funk & Weber class on hemstitching MAY get tackled so I can have it done (or at least as much as it will be done) before the August class on bookmarks starts...

Traveling plays havoc with my stitchery and 9 states in 14 days has resulted in a backlog of household chores demanding immediate attention, to say nothing of exhaustion taking the edge off my stitching mojo. Another road trip is coming up in August so I really need to buckle down and catch up on something --- if not my stitchery, then my rest! we shall see how I fare next month!