Still catching up from our road trip - and from four hours (and $65 consultation fees with dlink's subcontractor) on Sunday on the office floor, in the corner, with a flashlight and a telephone with a rapidly fading battery, trying to get our modem/router to work after being 24 hours offline with Roadrunner. I did finally get all the magazines read (or at least skimmed), all the bills paid (of course, more have rolled in), all the laundry done (but not folded or put away), and the internet working (no thanks to either Roadrunner or dlink --- it was husband's IT friend Cory that figured out what was wrong and he had it in less than 15 minutes!). But all that meant little time for stitchery.

During the week, I prepped my July Bead Journal Project atc/ornament (sketch, bead selection, etc) and did a fabric selection for the July Crazy quilt Journal Project block. I also stitched together the January-through-June blocks for this year to determine just what additional work needs doing:

There is one Lazy daisy that has come undone and one intersection of blocks that is out of alignment and calling for beads or stitchery or something (Note the two blue arrows). A buttonhole wheel slipped a bit in the upper left block as well (but it is fixed now). I also want to extend the yellow stem stitching from the top right block into the top middle block, maybe right down to that little arrow and beyond. Decisions, decisions! But that will be later. Meanwhile, Monday night, I did some stitching and completed the July block!