Spring finally sprung (or is it sprang?). Despite two-plus inches of very wet heavy snow, which crushed the daffodils which had only been in bloom one day last week, the daffs and the tulip tree have recovered...

It truly does look like spring in our front yard now! The birds are nesting, some even using the bird houses we have installed, although this robin has an unique approach to the concept:

Our neighbor has even started mowing the lawn! A clear sign of a seasonal change. Despite last nights frost...

Only one day of stitching since reporting in on International Hermit and Stitch Weekend so not a lot of progress to report.

Band 10 of the Wiehenburg Designs "Mystery Band Sampler" SAL is complete:

and Block 6 of the Elizabeth Almond "Save the Stitches blackwork SAL is done:

I want to finish block 7 of "Save the Stitches" and then get back to the Roll Your Own mandala "Reloaded" but there is a refrigerator clean-up calling to me for the weekend, as well as a need to set up the blocks for next month's Crazy Quilt Journal and Bead Journal Projects. Progress on Reloaded is bound to be slow!

But, like I said, spring is here and that is something to be thankful for!