While I got a lot of stitching done over the past week (the first "Roll Your Own" mandala was completed and I made progress on the "Save the Stitches" blackwork SAL), there has been little progress since my International Hermit and Stitch Update.

I did catch up with the reading on the "Finishing It" (DIY Framing) online class from Funk & Weber. And I have a piece in mind I want to try my own framing on --- just need to get started on it.

A TAST assignment came in on Tuesday: Stitches #101 and #102 which I have yet to start on.

Tuesday night was Girls Night Out with my papercrafting friends and after driving home from Toledo, I just didn't feel up to stitching... So, while it was a good week, I have nothing to show here in the way of progress.

Oh, by the way, the NW Ohio is now in the tail end of the snowiest winter season ever recorded! And it's still snowing! Darn it, if I'd wanted to live in the far north, I would have picked North Dakota or Minnesota as a place to retire, not NW Ohio. This is downright ridiculous!