Ooops! I missed that this was last Friday! AAARGH!

Anyway, this month's topic is "How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time? Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!"

Well, I'm not comfortable at all with more than one piece in progress, although, of late, that is a rare occurrence. I am doing several online challenges (Bead Journal Project, Crazy Quilt Journal Project, Take a Stitch Tuesday) as well as an online class in finishing. Add to that a BAP, a SAL called "Save the Stitches" which I haven't started yet, and you can see, I tend to take on new things while my "one" project (another BAP, a SAL called "Roll Your Own", which I was late in starting) is still underway.

In the past, I have done rotations --- a different project each day of the week --- when I was trying to get a lot of UFOs off the deck (back in 2006, for example). But after that experience, which I found less than fulfilling (I'd get on a roll with a piece and have to put it down for a week because the next night was the next piece's turn...), I've tried to avoid have more than one embroidery piece in the works.

This past month, I have stitched on the following:
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday: Linked Chain, Beaded Linked Chain, Shell Chain, Beaded Shell Chain, and Eastern Stitch
  • Crazy Quilt Journal Project - February block

Already completed for the next WIPocalpsye report are
  • Take a Stitch Tuesday - Beaded Eastern Stitch
  • Bead Journal Project - February ornament

Not touched were the stitch guide primer and a needlepoint background stitch booklet, both online classes from Janet Perry

In progress are:
  • The Finishing Class by Funk & Weber(we are on lesson three of four for framing)
  • The "Roll Your Own" mandala SAL by Tracey Horner

I still have several UFOs in my stash as well as several kitted out pieces that I would dearly love to stitch. but in line with keeping the WIPs under control, I don't think I will undertake any of them this coming month.