In this online SAL, organized and moderated by Tracey Horner of InkCircles, there are 9 Roll Your Own mandalas. I decided I would do them all on one piece of fabric ("Iris Garden" by Silkweaver, 32 ct Jobelin) in the "Tropical Ocean" colorway.

There were a number of preset colorways available or one could design one's own (hence the name, "Roll Your Own"). Since I'm not that comfortable with designing color schemes, I opted for one already posted. "Tropical Ocean" consists of 12 DMC threads in four color groupings: Bright Green - 3850, 3851 and 959; Teal Green - 3847, 3848 and 3849; Delft Blue - 798, 809 and 747; and Navy Blue - 823, 311 and 312, all outlined in black - DMC 310.

Here is what the first mandala, "Roll Your Own", looks like completed.

I've used both the fabric and similar colorways before - the fabric and a similar color range in sumptuous Surface Embroidery and a similar colorway in both Birds of a Feather" and "Kimono - Revisited" (all three shown in my August 2, 2013 post about the County Fair). I'm beginning to think this is my "signature colorway!

Next up, "Bride of RYO"! But first, I think I'll take a brief break and start on the Elizabeth Almond blackwork SAL, "Save a Stitch" (and guess what, I plan on using the same colorway combination, but this time on a white ground!) Oh, and there is a Christmas tree that needs to be taken down (blushing that it is still up this late in the year) and taxes to be done...