Two days ago I uploaded some shots into the album hangmatten 2008 and I thought it to be nice to add an explanation.... So here we are :P

Last year a friend of mine said to us that we haven't hung out for quite some time. It didn't take him long to come up with a some kind of literally idea to change that. Since the Dutch and German words for hammock (hangmat, Hängematte) contain the word hang, a new activity was born: (winter)hangmatten (like (winter)hammocking or (winter)hanging-around)

So like last year in January we came to his parents place (Deurne) to sleep outside in our Hammocks. (Must have been something about 4˚C)

Of course it's not only about the hammocks, but also about campfire, guitar music, cooking world's best and most nutrient soup and baking pancakes on an "real" oven.


Even if the wordplay (hammock - hangmat) isn't that authentic in English, I still hope the pictures can tell you something about the great time we've had! :)


So let me just thank Pieter for again making it such a great time!