Today I discovered from KJ4VOV contact that he had received an email similar to me about being suddenly blocked from a group. He informed that there was no way to remove your photos from a group that has blocked you. Here is his article.

Surprised, I went and discovered that yes, I couldn't get access to the group to remove my photos from it, as I had been blocked.

So this is what I did.
Step 1, find one of my photos in that group.
Step 2, click on that photo. Where it shows what groups that photo is in, click on the group you have been blocked from. The thumbnail photos of where you photo sits in that group will come up.
Step 3, Underneath the thumbnails, it says in small writing, "View only your contributions". click on "your contributions" and you will get all your photos that are in that group in the thumbnail procession.
Step 4, find that photo in your photostream, not that groups photostream, but where your photo resides in your own photostream
Step 5, Delete your photo!!!! When you check again your photos in that group's photostream, that photo will have disappeared. I've got 9 photos I've now deleted, and if I want, I can repost them again but they won't appear in that group (I HOPE)...SURELY NOT.

I apologise to all the people who faved the photo, gave me great feedback, who now can't view the photo. And I won't be putting photos into groups on Ipernity anymore...sorry guys who are admins for groups. Ipernity seems to have failed it's users in that we can get blocked from a group but can't access our photos that remain in the group.